Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kids helping!

Our Family
So I walked away from the computer and left my post up and apparently the kids posted it for me. I'm not yet done. lol!
So it was a much better labor then Jennilyn's and I was very glad that my doctor was there! She weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 inches long! We named her Ashely and she is such a good baby! She was having some gaging issues in the hospital so they sent us home with a monitor that watches her breathing and her heart rate. Which is kinda nice, because I think I sleep better. And she is on the lights at home for Jaundice. Not so fun, but oh well.
Well we failed at bringing her home with us. It wasn't because of the low blood sugar tho. She didn't have any problems with that, but because of her gaging thing they kept her a day later. :( I guess she stopped breathing 3 times. 2 of the 3 they had to give her oxygen. So I guess it's ok that they kept her for that. But still, it was not fun! The one time she did it the pediatrician was there and it freaked him out. He said it took him like 2 minutes to get her breathing again. So he did a chest xray and ran all these tests. All of them came back PERFECT! So it will just take time for her to figure it all out I guess. But she hasn't done it at all since she has been home. So hopefully that will be done with. We are just so glad that she is here and doing good! She's even going 2-4 hours at night between feedings. It's very nice for me!
If you go to bellababyphotography.com and click on view photos and type in 0324ashleyhess for the password you can see some pictures they took at the hospital. They will only be up for 2 weeks! But I'll get my pictures and post soon!!
Jayden and Jennilyn are LOVING having Ashley around. They are going to be very helpful and protective of her I think! :) It will keep life fun!!


Morgan said...

funny that your kiddos posted for you! ha!
looked at ashely's pics-pretty baby girl!
glad you got her home and hopefully she will do awesome for you!
hugs friend!

Anne said...

I always knew they were going to be computer geniuses!!!!! I love the new family picture and the one at the bottom with the 3 kids is ADORABLE! They look so grownup since the last time I saw them! =0]

Josh and Melissa said...

Oh my goodness- what cute kids! I'm glad Ashely is home- and I'm sure you have tons of help from Jaden and Jennilyn! Congrats!