Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Nite Fun!

Last week we went bowling for Family night! It was fun. Right as we started, Aubrey said we all had to do a dance every time we got a strike. So here are a few strike poses! Aubrey started off the night with a strike. PERFECT!! And Chris didn't do so bad either. Spencer and grandpa and grandma also got a strike. You will notice that I did not do a strike dance. I never was such a great bowler! But it was a lot of fun!
Jayden wanted to do it so bad, so Chris let Jayden help him throw the ball!
Spencer's Strike face! YAY!
Grandpa's Strike!
Jayden just wanted to pick up all of the balls. I was so afraid he was going to drop one on his cute little toes. But we always caught him just in time!
Family Photo!
Jayden is just trying to wink! :)

Happy Easter!

Easter was more fun for Jayden this year then last year. He really didn't care much for anything last year. But this year each time he found an egg he would open it and take out the candy to eat it. lol! I had to keep trying to get him to go find more eggs. Our ward had an easter egg hunt on Saturday morning that we went to and he had a blast. Then we came back to my parents and had one here. Jessica came over and brought Jason and Katie Jo. So Jason, Alesha and Jayden got to hunt for eggs. Sadly it was raining, so we did it in the house! But it was fun. The kids had a good time.
Here is Jayden opening an egg to find the surprise inside!!
Then we made chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. They are SUPER good. I ate way too many! But it was fun! Here is the finished product! So YUMMY! Thanks mom!
My mom, of couse, snitching! Anyone who has been to my moms house knows snitching is a requirement. LOL!!
Jayden thought he's help out by getting something to eat from the fridge himself. lol, no he did not open the fridge by himself. I think I'd really be in trouble if he could do that!
Grandma Andrews came over for the egg hunt, so she got Jennilyn! Thanks grandma.
Grandpa Andrews and Jennilyn, Easter Sunday!
BIKE!! This is JUST ONE of Jayden's new favorite words! He ALWAYS wants to go outside and ride bikes with my younger sister Alesha.
Jayden & Alesha
One day I went out there and started riding this scooter, that is not made for an adult, but Jayden wanted to ride, so I took him for a ride!
I know it doesn't really look like it, but he loved it.
Alesha is on Spring Break this week, so she has been here all day and every day she goes outside to ride her bike just after breakfast. Well after Jayden finished his breakfast he wanted to go out and join her. This is how he came to me. LOL! One shoe, which is Alesha's, One glove, which is Alesha's, and this cute little hat. He was all ready to go, he just needed me to open the door for him. :)
We have been living with my parents for the past 3 weeks, which has been fun. It's kind of like we are just on a vacation. Jayden has been loving it. Every morning he wakes up and says "E-sha, da-ma, bum-pa, Auby, or pender" (Alesha, grandma, grandpa, Aubrey, Spencer) It's so cute!
Another favorite word is "JUMP" grandma and grandpa Turnbow have a trampoline. And Jayden could spend all day every day out there, if only his mother would let him.
Jumping with Alesha, and cousin Jason
Aunt Camilla even went out and jumped with all the kids
Here's a video of Jayden jumping. He really is amazing! Alesha had just done a flip on the tramp, so he would lean sideways to try and do one also. Sorry, my camera died, so I didn't get all of it.

Of all Jayden's new favorite words, EMAIL is my favorite! A few weeks ago Jayden went and sat down at the computer and said "EMAIL" It is so cute! Crazy boy! So when we are trying to put him to sleep at night he will always talk and talk and talk... He could go on all night I think, but he'll try to do things that make us laugh, because he cracks up. And he learned that we love it when he says email, so last night he just kept saying it. Over and over again! And then he would just laugh like crazy! He is so full of energy and personality. I just love it.

And of all Jayden's new favorite wrods, my least favorite word is "WHY?" Isn't that suppose to be like 2 and 3 year olds? He's only 20 months.. He shouldn't be asking WHY everytime I say anything. LOL! I'm trying to come up with creative reasons so then he just says "OK" but most of the time it never ends. LOL! Because I'm the mom, that's why!

Grandma Turnbow and Jennilyn!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jennilyn - 3 Months

I can't believe that Jennilyn is already 3 months old. Wow, how time flies. She has been such a good baby. Just like Jayden was. I feel so blessed that I have had such good babies, but it scares me to have the next one. She's been smiling more and more every day. Yesterday while I was changing her shirt she even started giggling. It was SUPER cute! She has been growing a ton. She's already gained almost 5 pounds since she was born.
Check out that cute grin.
Jayden wants to hold her all the time. He'll go sit on the couch and say "Hold" So sweet!
And this is how she feels about the bow!! She does NOT like bows!
At our last dr visist he asked if she favored one side of her head to the other, and I told him YES she always always lays on the right side. NEVER on the left. So he looked at her head and this is what he found. She is flattening the right side of her head so her head is forming crocked. I've got my fingers in each ear. They are no longer in the same spots. It won't cause any problems, She'll just have a crocked head. The dr gave us some neck stretches because her muscles might be tight, and we always have to lay her on her left side and increase tummy time. (She HATES tummy time, so we're working on that!) The dr said we have until she is 6 months old to correct it otherwise they'll put her in a helmet to correct it. So we are hoping it'll fix itself.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Apron Giveaway!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Brother!

Jayden LOVES Jennilyn so much. When we first brought her home he always wanted to hold her, so he would run sit on the couch so he could hold her. Well I guess that got old because for like the past 2 months he hasn't really asked me to hold her, but it's started up again. This week he's wanted to hold her multiple times each day. It's so cute. Every time I set her on his lap he says "Cheese"Chris showed Jayden how to wink, and so this is him winking! LOL
Every time he is around Jennilyn he gives her kisses. Such a sweetheart!

Our House

Well it's official, we are moved out of our house. This is it. I really loved this house, but I DID NOT love it being a duplex. I so am ready for my own house. We had too many problems that occurred because of our neighbors, not our fault. So we did buy a house. We will be closing on the 15th of April as long as everything keeps going as planned. We are so excited about this house.. But we had to take some family pictures in front of our last place. It was brand new when we move in, so we have been pretty spoiled, and I knew I would have to downgrade, but such is life.
It kind of almost looks like we have grass, but no. We didn't ever get grass put in like we were promised. :( Or the fence or Sprinkler system. Luckily our new place has all of that already in. YAY!

It was very windy, and cold.
We were trying to keep Jennilyn a little warm, so Chris and Jayden were blocking the wind..:)

My new Favorite car!

OK, so I know I am way way behind on my blogging, and I will get to it. Right now things are super crazy, as we have been moving and won't be into our own place until the middle of April.. HOPEFULLY! But I just have to show you my new fav car. This is the rental they gave me while my car was in the shop. I wasn't a huge fan of how it looked at first, but it grew on me. And I love how it drives. Jayden loved it because he was up higher and could see out of his window. It was lots of fun, but not a lot of storage space at all. It's like a mini mini van.