Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Nite Fun!

Last week we went bowling for Family night! It was fun. Right as we started, Aubrey said we all had to do a dance every time we got a strike. So here are a few strike poses! Aubrey started off the night with a strike. PERFECT!! And Chris didn't do so bad either. Spencer and grandpa and grandma also got a strike. You will notice that I did not do a strike dance. I never was such a great bowler! But it was a lot of fun!
Jayden wanted to do it so bad, so Chris let Jayden help him throw the ball!
Spencer's Strike face! YAY!
Grandpa's Strike!
Jayden just wanted to pick up all of the balls. I was so afraid he was going to drop one on his cute little toes. But we always caught him just in time!
Family Photo!
Jayden is just trying to wink! :)


Robb and Cindy said...

I haven't been bowling in forever! We'll have to go sometime - if they have one in Cedar?! Kayla did the same thing as Jayden a few years ago. Found one egg and ate it before finding more!

Baum Family said...

Spencer has grown up, He's cute lol Nice seeing your family too, I'm not a good bowler either lol

Anne said...

How fun! You guys sound like you are having one big party around there! Congratulations to all of the good bowlers. I love that Jayden wants to be as big as everyone else....even when the next closest is at least 6 years older than him! Cute family picture! You all just look like you fit so perfectly together!

(by the way, I love the video of Jayden's flip. He is jumping pretty high for a little guy!)

madsens said...

fun. Lyndzee usually scores more than me when we go bowling. fun fun

camillajean said...

AWE!! Fun!!! Haha ... I suck @ bowling as well .. and I don't think it's that much fun ... lol .. but YAY!! Hey YOU NEED YOUR TRAMP PIC!!!!!