Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wedding Bells!

A friend of ours got married a few weeks ago and we went to the reception in Tabiona! Jayden had a blast. They had these candles on the tables that were battery powered and he just kept trying to blow them out. Sadly he didn't succeed.
He also found his way underneath the gift table. We caught him on his way out!
Here's the beautiful bride, Celeste and me. We have a picture just like this from when we were in high school, although I do look slightly different!
Congrats Celeste & Ben. We are so happy for you!

Christmas Trees!

We went to go Christmas Tree hunting. There were just a few of us, but it was still lots of fun! Here is our traditional family photo, as long as we can find the tree!!
So I did decide to go out with Chris to see what we could find. We took the 4-wheeler up a bit, because I knew I wouldn't last very long walking up hill. We walked around for a bit and then Chris went to look over this hill and I didn't want to so I found a nice log and waited, and waited and waited. I don't know how long it was, maybe 10 minutes, but I decided to follow his footprints in the snow. So I did for probably 10 minutes and decided that I had the keys to the 4-wheeler and I was going back to where we came from. I didn't want to get lost in the woods being 7 months pregnant.. So on my way back I ran into Chris. He ended up down at the 4-wheeler and had to come back up to where he left me. He did decide that it wasn't the best idea to leave me in the woods and promises he won't do it again! LOL So we decided not to go back down the way we came up, which was a major mistake. It was like ice the whole way and I decided it would be better for me to sit down, but with my slick snowpants, I just took off. Luckily Chris caught me, but it was quite exciting. Good thing we didn't have Jayden with us! But we did find us a tree!! :) Camilla insisted on taking this photo! My snowpants obviously don't quite fit me the same when I'm 7 months pregnant!! Good thing my belly doesn't get too cold these days!
Jayden was so not a fan of his coat/boots/hat/mittens!! It took him a little while to warm up to the whole idea of keeping them all on.
He kept falling down! The ground was just so uneven that he couldn't get very far before he would crash again and again and again!!
Uncle Spencer was so nice to share his music. Jayden loves headphones and most of the time he gets it in the ear instead of the mouth!!
The kids all love the 4-wheelers. It's so cute!
Alesha even took Jason & Jayden for a ride on her sled. They had a blast. Thanks for entertaining them Alesha! They sure do love you!!
Mom took off to find her tree and ended up hurting her leg. Hope you feel better! And thanks for all the yummy food and taking care of all the kids while we went to hunt down our tree!
I was getting in the truck and Jayden apparently decided we were playing peek-a-boo. So he was hiding on the other side of the door waiting for me to come find him. Silly boy! But he does love that game. In fact, now he even keeps quiet and won't come out. It makes the game a little more difficult for me, but when I do find him he's just grinning from ear to ear!!
Katie Jo even came out to experience a little of her first Christmas tree hunt. She is just over a month old, and super cute with tons of dark hair!!
And here is the whole gang. Jennifer & Kire weren't able to make it down, Anne was home with sick little Ashton, and dad was at a funeral! We missed you all and hope to see you next time!!

Jayden with his wonderful photographer, Camilla! Thanks for all the pictures mel!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Where's Jayden??

Jayden's new thing is to hide from me. And even keep quiet so I can't find him. I looked all over for him the other day and couldn't find him anywhere. Then I realized that my closet door was just slightly closed, like maybe a little boy could be hiding back there and sure enough there he was staring at the door, just waiting for me to find him. Crazy boy! Then he found how much fun it is to hide in my curtains. LOL! He was so cute, but I guess taking pictures of him while playing in the curtains is just promoting this.. And I don't really want him pulling them off the wall.. But SUPER CUTE!!
Last week when I went in to get Jayden one morning this is how I found him. I guess he got a little hot in the night. LOL! It cracked me up. I have no clue how he did it. The zipper and snaps were still done. My tricky little guy!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Off the Bottle

Well, it is official! Jayden is off the bottle! Last week the doctor told us to take it away and we did. He still struggles while drinking his milk from his sippy cup, but he will drink it now, so that's a step up from last week! It's been a challenge considering the fact that we trained him to go to sleep only with a bottle. Whether it be apple juice or milk it didn't matter, but no water! So we have always taken a bottle of milk and apple juice to church. Well last sunday was a little bit out of control on our row! Jayden usually falls asleep in Sacrament meeting with his milk, but that obviously didn't happen. He is sure a challenge to entertain, I just don't know what to do. He just wants to get down and run around, and I vowed I would never let my children run around during meetings, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated. We only have 2 1/2 months and he gets to go to nursery, so we are very excited about that! He's just become our little monster, who has too much energy that he can't get rid of. I don't think it'll ever go away! We sure do love to see him grow and change every day! Lately he's started saying "ma-kak" We have no clue what he means. It started when he wanted a drink, and now it's just when he wants anything! It's pretty cute! Last week he learned how to climb onto our chairs. So we find him standing on the table and on the desk. He even tried to climb up the book shelf, luckily it didn't fall on him! He has finally figured out naps, most days! He'll take an hour and a half nap in the morning and then another one in the afternoon. It's so great. After going for a year where the longest he would ever sleep was 30 minutes at a time I feel like I'm in heaven. Just in time for this little girl to come! The other night Jayden even slept for 12 hours and I slept for 10. It was so great. I didn't even have to wake up and go to the bathroom. It was the greatest. Sadly it hasn't happened since! But I'm still hoping!As for me, I am surviving! I really don't like being pregnant at all! And I can't wait to be back into my clothes. I hate maternity clothes, well mostly the pants. They just never fit right! But we only have 2 1/2 months left. I am so excited. I failed the glucose test the first time so I had to go in for the 3 hour test and they take your blood 4 times. I had to do it with Jayden as well, but I passed the second test, so I don't need to stop eating sugar, but they suggested that I don't eat a lot of sweets! HELLO PEOPLE it is the holidays! How can I go without eating sweets! It's so not going to go over well. I just have a sweet tooth anyway, and can't stay away from them. But I have decided that I should at least try. So I'm gonna TRY! But all in all we are all doing well. I got down on the floor the other night to crawl after Jayden, and we'll just say I won't be doing that anymore! My legs hit my stomach and I can't move very quickly! LOL! I'm sure it was quite a sight!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My sister Alesha Playing basketball!

Jonathan this is for you!! I hope you can see it!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We decided not to go out "Trick-or-Treating" since Jayden really doesn't care, but Chris' work did a "Trick-or-Treating" to the offices and had prizes. So we took Jayden over there. It was fun. At first he was a little hesitant on taking candy from people, but by the end he was going back to them 3 or 4 times to get more candy. It was pretty funny! I couldn't get him to hold still long enough to get a good picture, but here is one of the better ones. He was a little Tiger, he's just missing his hat.
And Chris & I dressed up as dice. (One of his co-workers said oh a pair of dice; Paradise, how cute. I didn't even think of that, but thought it was funny) I have to say it was quite interesting trying to keep tabs on our little Tiger while we were trick-or-treating to the offices, since we were walking around dressed as dice.
And of course I have to add a picture of our little Zoro. My little sister Alesha!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!
Oh, and a quick story. So yesterday, Halloween, morning Chris was in the shower and I heard a knock on the door, so I went and opened it and a cat ran away. I was kinda creeped out since it was Halloween and all, but it wasn't black.. :) Anyway, I was really confused, but then come to find out it was Chris trying to get my attention, knocking on the wall. LOL! Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last Tuesday Jayden took a great nap. He slept for over an hour, which he never sleeps longer then 30 minutes! So I was in my bedroom cleaning it up. When I finally went into the kitchen to put some stuff away I stepped right into this...
a huge puddle of water. AHHH! So I looked around, and it wasn't coming from our washroom or the kitchen sink. It looked like it was coming from the fridge, so I called Chris and asked him if our fridge or freezer should leak water. Anyway, so then I went in the basement and it was dripping down the walls and onto all our stuff that we put by that wall so that it was away from the sewer problem area from last time. So everything was wet. Luckily I like to store my stuff in buckets, so most of our stuff stayed dry. There were some empty boxes that got ruined though. But on top of all the buckets was lots and lots of water..
I went to see if anyone was home next door to see if they were having the same problem, but nobody was. But it was leaking along the foundation line in the garage as well. AHH! So Chris came home and called our landlord and he got ahold of the neighbors and we got the code to the garage and the door was open and they were flooded as well, but it had reached their carpet. We caught it before it got our carpet. Anyway, she had started a load of wash when she left for work 3 hours earlier, and the hose came detached in the back, so it was trying to fill the washer to do the rinse cycle, and it was just gushing out the back and so it seeped through the wall and into our house. We are sure having quite the luck with our neighbors and water problems . Anyway, so Chris shut off the washer and we tried to clean up. My mom came over and brought grandma Andrews' Shop vac, so we could vacuum up the water instead of using towels and rinsing them out because that was going to take us forever. And then mom took Jayden so that we could clean it up. The managers called a restoration company, and they spent a few hours vacuuming up the other side, but our side was fine since we had cleaned it up, so they didn't have to do anything on our side. I was very glad that I was home, or both sides would have been ruined by the time anyone came home from work. The restoration company did bring in a moisture meter that they put on the wall to see if there is any moisture in the wall. It was pretty cool. Luckily it was all fine so they won't have to tear our house apart. YAY!

The restoration company came back on Monday to check it out. Our baseboard warped and is no longer attached to the wall in the kitchen, so that will need to be replaced, but that is all. :) And our basement is a total mess now since we just moved things to get them away from the water leaking walls. So that'll take us some time. My wonderful hubby was so nice to help me clean it up before he went back to work. Thanks babe! Your the greatest!!
And of course I just have to add a picture of our little Jayden. He was jumping on Camilla's bed. It was the coolest thing ever. Thanks Mel for letting him!! I hope there's not too much drool all over. It's kinda his trademark these days. He leaves it everywhere he goes!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kelly & Reba!!

So last weekend I went with Camilla and some friends to the Kelly Clarkson and Reba McIntire concert! It was so so good. I had a blast!!! Barbara Jean, from the TV show Reba opened the show with her comedy act and it was so funny! She cracks me up! Camilla had 8th row seats, so I got these pictures from her. My seats weren't quite as good, but still pretty perfect seats!
They have so much fun together!
Isn't she totally staring right at Camilla?? PERFECT PICTURE MEL!
It was so much fun, because they were both out on stage the whole time. I thought they would switch and take turns, but when one was singing the other was doing backup. But they sang most songs together!!
AWESOME concert! I would highly recommend them to everyone! I don't think I could sit through a whole Kelly concert, but having Reba inbetween was perfect!!

Burnell Turnbow Campout!

Ok, so I know this is WAY late, but I've been meaning to post about our Turnbow campout since it happened in August. But my computer died and then I lost the pictures, well I just found them, so watch out, cause there are lots of pics!!

I was so excited to go camping! I do love camping, mostly when I don't have to prepare all the food! Anyway, so we bought a tent and took our air mattress and the pack-n-play for Jayden. Both fit in our tent with extra space, (So we got one to last us more then a few years!!)
Our little family Friday night!
It was Jayden's first camping trip and I must say, he loved it! (I know I look like I'm going to eat him, but I'm just posing for the picture.. Anne, I might need some lessons!!)
Jayden playing with the hose at our quest to the bathroom before bed!!
Jayden loves being up on daddy's shoulders
Grandma Turnbow even came out to camp. She was almost 98 at the reunion
Good Morning!
Our Tent
Jarom was such a good helper. He loves to cook with grandma!
Spencer gave Jayden and I a ride on the 4-wheeler, thanks spence!
My cousins little girls were so cute. Before breakfast they found the ketchup and proceeded to dump it on their plates and eat it with a spoon!
They have the same birthday but 1 year apart, and their grandma gave them little gloves and bandanna's. They were so styling!
Our happy little guy!
Anne, LeGrand & Ashton taking a ride!
How many men does it take to open a truck when the keys are locked inside?? Apparently a whole lot. They did finally get the door open though. Good work guys!
Jarom & LeGrand getting ready to go swimming in the freezing cold water!! I remember thinking that was fun too!!
All summer I've been waiting for a killer rain storm. I just love to play in the rain and it just never happened. Well just after the kids decided to jump in the river, the rain decided to pour! It was so much fun! So Camilla and I of course had to go walk through it. So we did. We got drenched, but it was so worth it. I love the rain!
ME enjoying my rain!
The river looked amazing with the rain hitting it. It was so beautiful!!
But here is what the river looked like after the rain storm. Not so much fun anymore!!!Camilla & I attempting to jump at the right moment for the picture in a huge puddle!!
Spencer pretty much sat under a tree the entire rain storm, but then decided to take a cool picture too! Way to go Spence!
It was a great reunion. Thanks Carol and Rex for putting it all together!
My cousin Melissa got married the night before the campout and it was a beautiful wedding. Congrats Melissa and Ben!
Here we are doing a line dance.
It was so so HOT in that place after we danced. It was fun though. It was the first time Jayden really started coming alive. He wandered all over that gym dancing around. We had to chance him down. Sadly we didn't get any pictures of him!