Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kids helping!

Our Family
So I walked away from the computer and left my post up and apparently the kids posted it for me. I'm not yet done. lol!
So it was a much better labor then Jennilyn's and I was very glad that my doctor was there! She weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 inches long! We named her Ashely and she is such a good baby! She was having some gaging issues in the hospital so they sent us home with a monitor that watches her breathing and her heart rate. Which is kinda nice, because I think I sleep better. And she is on the lights at home for Jaundice. Not so fun, but oh well.
Well we failed at bringing her home with us. It wasn't because of the low blood sugar tho. She didn't have any problems with that, but because of her gaging thing they kept her a day later. :( I guess she stopped breathing 3 times. 2 of the 3 they had to give her oxygen. So I guess it's ok that they kept her for that. But still, it was not fun! The one time she did it the pediatrician was there and it freaked him out. He said it took him like 2 minutes to get her breathing again. So he did a chest xray and ran all these tests. All of them came back PERFECT! So it will just take time for her to figure it all out I guess. But she hasn't done it at all since she has been home. So hopefully that will be done with. We are just so glad that she is here and doing good! She's even going 2-4 hours at night between feedings. It's very nice for me!
If you go to bellababyphotography.com and click on view photos and type in 0324ashleyhess for the password you can see some pictures they took at the hospital. They will only be up for 2 weeks! But I'll get my pictures and post soon!!
Jayden and Jennilyn are LOVING having Ashley around. They are going to be very helpful and protective of her I think! :) It will keep life fun!!

New Addition

I had a Dr appointment on Tuesday and first of all the nurse couldn't find the heartbeat. Freak me out!! She tried for a few minutes and found nothing but mine! So finally she says, "Don't panic.. I'll go get the nurse who is really good at this." So I tried not to panic and the nurse came in felt my tummy and put the thing on and BAM! There was the heartbeat! 151- Perfect!! WOW... So then the Dr said he thought her head was thrown back, looking up. And it's suppose to be down with her chin to her chest. So he did an ultrasound and her head is back, but also turned sideways. So she's looking at my hip. So he wanted to talk about it. He said that it didn't scare him, but he has other doctors helping him right now, cause he just let his partner go, and he needs to breath everyone other weekend. And of course he wasn't on call this weekend. And he could see this scaring some doctors and then they would just do a c-section. So if I wanted to he would induce me on Thursday. I of course was like yes, but I needed to talk to Chris first. But Jennilyn was the same way and my doctor was NOT the doctor on call. So after her turned her completely face up and after pushing forever he used the vacuum and then said want a c-section or call your doctor? I said call my doctor and he was on his way in already. Within 5 minutes of him walking in the room he had her out. So I didn't want to have that experience again. The doctor just didn't seem very confident, and I go to my doctor because he is and I TOTALLY trust him! So we decided to do it. They called me on Wednesday and said "We will get you in, but we have no clue when. So you just be ready. It could be any time from 7am to 7pm. WOW, that makes for a LONG day. I guess I was a little excited, or nervous or whatever, cause I slept terribly. I just kept checking the clock. I didn't wanna miss their call and what if I just didn't hear it. Well at 7:30 they called and we headed in. They got me all hooked up and started the pitocin at 9:10. At 9:45 I was dialated to a 4. At 11 I was ready for my epidural, but he there were 2 people in front of me. So finally at 12:30 I got the epidural, which was wonderful! My dr came and broke my water at 1:55 and I was a dialated to a 6. So I decided I was gonna take a nap. Chris left to take a walk and at 2:10 I started feeling TONS of pressure. I really thought I was gonna have the baby in the room by myself. I called Chris and he didn't answer and I couldn't find my call button for the nurse. Then Chris came back in and got the nurse and I was fully dialated and ready to go. They called my dr back and she was born at 2:21. She was face up, so he used the forceps to flip her, but then did not use them to get her out. He has had to pull the other 2 out. And she was bigger, so that's weird. But it was really quick.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disney on Ice

A friend of mine was able to get tickets to Disney on Ice for us. So we all went together. It was so much fun and the kids absolutely LOVED it! Toy Story didn't come out until the very end and it had me worried that they wouldn't be there, but thankfully they were. That was who we were waiting for!
Me with my 2 kids
The opening act
Daisy Duck & Minnie
Cinderella & Prince Charming
Micky & Minnie dancing through the princesses
The Toy Story Gang
Micky & Minnie on the sleigh
Jesse, Woody, Buzz Lightyear & Army man waving to us
Friends- Austin, Emma, Jayden & Jennilyn

We got a van!

We finally did it. We got a minivan! :) I'm so excited! I absolutely LOVE it!! It's a 2010 Dodge Caravan, and we got a really good price on it. So we are very excited about that! They gave me the roses after we decided to buy it! It's so fun!! Now we're are just waiting for this little girl to come!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update- Only 3 weeks to go

Well we are down to only 3 weeks to go! I can't believe it's almost here. Some days I think I am so ready for her to be here and other days I think there is no way I can handle 3 kids. It's definitely going to be interesting at our house for a while! I've been measuring big the last half of the pregnancy, so maybe she'll come early, or just be very big. Who knows! Last week my doctor told me he is just waiting for me to have her. Any day really. I've had lots of contractions for the past 2 months, which I don't remember having with the last 2 kids, so that's been not so fun! I had an ultrasound last Friday and it was so fun to see the baby so late in the pregnancy. I've never seen them past the 20 week ultrasound. She is quite a mover. She was going crazy in the ultrasound, but everything is looking good. We even saw some hair floating around in there. Pretty amazing what they can do with technology these days!

So I haven't yet been able to bring my baby home from the hospital with me. They have low blood sugar when they are born and they have a hard time eating at first so they can't bring up their blood sugar. So they put them on an antibiotic and have to monitor them for 48 hours. But since they only put them on it the second day, I leave and they keep my baby.. It's hard. I really hate it. So I've been trying to fix it. Really all they can say is that it's the kids fault. There is nothing I can do to fix it. But one nurse mentioned how the sucking reflex is one of the last things that a baby develops, so since my kids come early, they have a harder time eating and can't fix the problem. (And that's also why they can't get rid of the jaundice either.) So I am hoping that she will stay for another week or 2, but we'll see!

I'm pretty excited about having Jennilyn so old when this baby gets here. Where Jayden was only 17 months when Jennilyn was born, it was really hard. But Jennilyn is so much older and I'm excited. It will be so totally different. Also, since the first of the year we have really worked on getting our kids to put themselves to sleep and sleeping through the night and I have to say, 2 and 1/2 months later, it is finally paying off. It's exciting to think that the whole house won't be up all night. The kids are doing wonderful. And it's much less stressful on me..

I got sick last week. Just a cold, & cough, but it is so annoying! I'm afraid it might not leave me until I have the baby, but I'm hoping. The kids got it too, so hopefully we can at least get them healthy before she comes. I don't really wanna bring my new baby home to a sick houseful.

Austin's Blessing

Juston & Nicole blessed Austin February 20, so we went up for the weekend. It's amazing how much they grow up in just a month! We had a fun weekend seeing everyone. And the kids were actually really good on the drive, so that was excellent. They even slept ok!
The Riley Family
Nicole & Austin
The proud Grandpa
All the Hess' who were able to make it.. We missed you Andrea & mom
On Juston's side they have only grandsons so Jennilyn was the only little girl. And really, she tried to take out all the boys. They were so sweet to her tho, they would just tell her. "Don't push that hurts." And she would push them again. LOL! Jayden has taught her well, I guess.
I just love these 2 kids

My Birthday

This year I turned 27 on January 27. It only happens to everyone once in their life.. Kinda cool. Well the kids weren't SUPER nice to me all day. Of course. Chris made me dinner and a cake. It was spice cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. It was so good. My mom, dad & Alesha stopped by so they had cake & ice cream with us. It was fun. So Chris told me that one of my presents was going to be late.. He went to buy it at the store and it wasn't there, so he bought it on amazon and it would be there in a day. So the box came in the mail and he said I could open it. And it was Rachel Ray pots & pans... WOW, I have wanted them for a few years, but I never thought I would actually get them.. I LOVE THEM!!!!
They are all nonstick, and so easy to clean. Although I can't use any of my metal utensils on them, so good thing I have plastic ones. Thanks babe! I LOVE THEM!!

Well the next week Camilla asked if she could take me out for dinner for my birthday. So we went and got pedicures and went to dinner. We were going to go to a movie too, but she was saying how she has this huge project due for one of her classes, so she needed to get home. So we were done eating by like 6:30. But mom called and needed some milk, so we stopped at macey's and so I got some things too. And then we came home. Camilla said she really needed to use the bathroom, which totally made sense to me because I needed to go to. And we got to the door, and I had left my keys, so I knocked on the door. The lights were all out and I couldn't believe that Chris already had the kids in bed and it wasn't even 7:30 yet. So he opened the door and I came in and there was all my family, in the area, to surprise me. WOW I was so not expecting that! (Of course I started to cry.) lol! They had decorated my house with balloons and streamers and my mom made my favorite ice cream cake. And Camilla gave me the movie 27 dresses, cause of the 27. And inside were 27 $1 from each person in my family! There are 29 of us, but minus me and Spencer who is on his mission- it worked out perfect. Each person signed one. It was really clever. So we had a fun night. Grandpa & Grandma Andrews even came. Thanks to everyone for making it great!
Chris & I
My mom made my favorite Ice cream cake
My 27 $1Jessica
My brother Jared
All the kids, Katie, Alesha, Jayden, Me, Jennilyn, & Jason
Camilla & I
My dad
My mom
Grandpa Andrews
Grandma Andrews

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Austin

Chris' sister, Nicole, had her baby on January 18, so we went up to visit that weekend. It's so fun seeing little ones. They just grow up so fast! They named him Austin John.. And he is such a cutie and such a good baby! Congrats Juston & Nicole.
The kids of course wanted to hold him the whole time! They LOVE babies
Jennilyn LOVES to give kisses, but pretty much just smashes his poor face
They found these, of course they were broken to pieces before we left. Thanks kids
We stayed with my sister, Jennifer, and th
ey took us sledding. It was so fun and the snow wasn't wet, like ours is, so we stayed warmer. The kids loved it! Thanks Jen
some videos of the kids sledding- Just ignore me

Jennilyn turned 2

Jennilyn turned 2 this year! I can't believe she's already 2. She is so much fun! It's been exciting to see how different she is from Jayden. Even though they are so very similar, they are so totally different.
We celebrated hers & Aubrey's Birthday's the day before with my family. She had fun blowing out the candles. My mom made her a doll blanket that matches the blanket she made Jennilyn when she was born. It is the FAVORITE doll blanket and has to go everywhere the doll goes.
Licking the frosting off the candles
She burned her hand on the stove, but it really wasn't that bad. I just put the wrap on to keep the band-aid on and she wouldn't let me take it off.
Tyler, Mckenzie & Mindy came over for cake and ice cream later in the week.
Good blow
Grandma Knickerbocker (Chris' grandma) gave her this dog. WOW, she sure loves it!
She got a princess chair, elmo slippers, and an outfit from mom & dad
Jayden was such a great helper at unwrapping

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We are so happy that you are in our family!


This year we spent Christmas with my family! My parents only live 10 minutes away, but we went up and stayed for a week anyway. It was so much fun! Aubrey took us all ice skating on Christmas eve. The kids absolutely LOVED it. As for me, skating while pregnant isn't my most favorite thing. haha! But it was fun!
Jennilyn & I putting on our skates
It's a killer to skate with little ones, cause they want to hold both your hands. And it sure works your back!
Chris & Jayden
We got hot chocolate and Jayden loved it
Jennilyn & Camilla
Camilla & Jayden
Jayden skating with Aubrey
Jennilyn loving the glass
They had these little walker things for kids that they can push around to help them skate. Of course they were all taken when we got there. Jayden wanted one so bad. He started crying, which just annoyed me and I was ready to leave. Finally just before we were going to leave a little boy was done and coming out and his mom asked if Jayden wanted it. This was the first picture taken after. haha! He was sure happy that he got it.
Santa Clause was driving the zamboni. That was pretty exciting!
After ward we went caroling to some friends and then home for dinner. Jared & Jess picked up Chick-fil-a for everyone. WOW, those chicken nuggets are amazing! Thanks guys. It was great!
Then we did our gift exchange and the nativity. The kids all wanted to help each other open their gifts.
Jayden got Chaps from Alesha (Thanks mom for making them)
Jennilyn opening her present
She loves her phone
And purse!
For the siblings we did a food storage gift, but the $ limit was $10. So we had to be creative. Anne & Steven gave us both a box of life... Isn't that a great food storage. lol! I thought it was great!
The kids all slept in quite a bit on Christmas morning.
Jennilyn was so tired, she fell asleep right in the middle of the floor
Jayden loved his candy the most
Our family Christmas morning
We of course had to document Chris' hair
All the grandkids, & Alesha in their matching Christmas PJ's from Grandma & Grandpa
Jayden got into a fight with the couch! The couch won! lol
Our family with Grandma & Grandpa Turnbow
The whole Turnbow clan - minus matt who was sleeping
Our matching Christmas PJ's.
The kids in front of our tree