Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Austin's Blessing

Juston & Nicole blessed Austin February 20, so we went up for the weekend. It's amazing how much they grow up in just a month! We had a fun weekend seeing everyone. And the kids were actually really good on the drive, so that was excellent. They even slept ok!
The Riley Family
Nicole & Austin
The proud Grandpa
All the Hess' who were able to make it.. We missed you Andrea & mom
On Juston's side they have only grandsons so Jennilyn was the only little girl. And really, she tried to take out all the boys. They were so sweet to her tho, they would just tell her. "Don't push that hurts." And she would push them again. LOL! Jayden has taught her well, I guess.
I just love these 2 kids

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