Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update- Only 3 weeks to go

Well we are down to only 3 weeks to go! I can't believe it's almost here. Some days I think I am so ready for her to be here and other days I think there is no way I can handle 3 kids. It's definitely going to be interesting at our house for a while! I've been measuring big the last half of the pregnancy, so maybe she'll come early, or just be very big. Who knows! Last week my doctor told me he is just waiting for me to have her. Any day really. I've had lots of contractions for the past 2 months, which I don't remember having with the last 2 kids, so that's been not so fun! I had an ultrasound last Friday and it was so fun to see the baby so late in the pregnancy. I've never seen them past the 20 week ultrasound. She is quite a mover. She was going crazy in the ultrasound, but everything is looking good. We even saw some hair floating around in there. Pretty amazing what they can do with technology these days!

So I haven't yet been able to bring my baby home from the hospital with me. They have low blood sugar when they are born and they have a hard time eating at first so they can't bring up their blood sugar. So they put them on an antibiotic and have to monitor them for 48 hours. But since they only put them on it the second day, I leave and they keep my baby.. It's hard. I really hate it. So I've been trying to fix it. Really all they can say is that it's the kids fault. There is nothing I can do to fix it. But one nurse mentioned how the sucking reflex is one of the last things that a baby develops, so since my kids come early, they have a harder time eating and can't fix the problem. (And that's also why they can't get rid of the jaundice either.) So I am hoping that she will stay for another week or 2, but we'll see!

I'm pretty excited about having Jennilyn so old when this baby gets here. Where Jayden was only 17 months when Jennilyn was born, it was really hard. But Jennilyn is so much older and I'm excited. It will be so totally different. Also, since the first of the year we have really worked on getting our kids to put themselves to sleep and sleeping through the night and I have to say, 2 and 1/2 months later, it is finally paying off. It's exciting to think that the whole house won't be up all night. The kids are doing wonderful. And it's much less stressful on me..

I got sick last week. Just a cold, & cough, but it is so annoying! I'm afraid it might not leave me until I have the baby, but I'm hoping. The kids got it too, so hopefully we can at least get them healthy before she comes. I don't really wanna bring my new baby home to a sick houseful.


Jess said...

Nice journal post! I so hope you are able to bring this one home! It's so so hard to leave them behind. I forgot that Jennilyn and Jayden are two months closer in age than Jason and Katie. This one will seem like a breeze ;). Way to go on the 2.5 months focus on sleeping. I just got determined last night to get Brinley sleeping. Didn't go to bed till after 2 am but she didn't wake up to eat again till 7:30. I MUST STAY STRONG!!!! :)

Anne said...

Loved the post! I am glad that everyone is starting to sleep better! It can definitely make for long nights, which lead to long days....when you can't get much sleep! Glad everyone is home. Sorry there are still coughs around though!