Friday, March 11, 2011

Christmas Trees

This year we went up Rock Creek because up Mill Hollow had too much snow and we couldn't get up. It was really nice. The drive there wasn't near as scary and we could drive our car the whole way as opposed to having to cram us all in the trucks. It was good. The kids had a blast in the snow and we were able to just walk up the road to find our tree! I really liked it actually!
Forgive me that the pictures are in NO SORT OF ORDER. I can't figure out how to move them all the sudden!

Us in front of our tree
The whole group! We missed you Jenn & Kire (and of course, Spencer)
Jayden made this snowman. He even gave him his hat
I don't know what it is about this girl and eating her gloves.
Jayden with his masterpiece. He was so excited that he made him!
Grandpa was great and entertained all the littlest kids while we all were out hunting down a tree. I think the kids had a blast playing in the truck! Thanks dad!
After we got our tree cut down Jayden wanted to help Chris drag it all the way back to the truck. Poor Chris. As if dragging a Christmas tree isn't hard enough without a 3 year old trying to hold on and keep up! But Jayden had a lot of fun.
Throwing snowballs
Cutting down the tree
As Chris and I were heading out to go find a tree all the sudden we heard some crying/yelling for us. Jayden saw us walking away and wanted to come with us and was running down the road crying. Poor kid. So he got to come with us
This is one of Jayden's favorite faces. I don't know why
Mom, Anne, Aubrey, Camilla, & me
Jennilyn, and Katie Jo enjoying their cookies
She loves her Chocolate

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camillajean said...

YAY! :) So fun :) .... I have the dvd of that video for everyon (have for about a year actually ... ok only 8 months.. lol) But .. confession. I tried to whiten our teeth, but instead I accidentally made them like .. NEON YELLOW!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! But I really don't wanna take the time/dvds to RE-DO THEM ALL .. ahhh .. haha .. so .... SORRY!!!! :D LOL