Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ashley's Growth

I can't believe I have been so terrible at blogging this crazy little girl. She is so much fun and just can't wait to keep up with her brother & sister.
This is her first bath at home. She has since learned to LOVE bathtime.

She LOVED being all wrapped up right after her bath although I quickly learned to put the diaper on first.

About 2 weeks old

My grandpa Andrews with Ashley May 1

4 generation- Ashley, me, my mom, my grandma Andrews - May 8

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

Ashley hates her carseat. She has from day 1. Unless she is just fed and burped she cries. Although that is getting better as she can play with toys and interact with Jayden & Jennilyn. She put herself on a schedule before she was 3 months old and I ruined it because we had so many late nights this summer. She was sleeping about 10 hours by 6 weeks. (WOW, that was a great surprise. I've never had a baby sleep through the night so early.) She has grown up so quickly. She rolled over, got up on her knees, and started scooting all within 2 weeks, when she was 5 months old. She's now got 2 bottom teeth and I think she's working on both top ones. She is not a fan of people, or crowds. She always cries and only wants Chris or I. I'm hoping that will change. Jayden & Jennilyn LOVE her to death. Jayden is in this wanting her to walk mode and so he stands her up all the time. I haven't yet found a punishment that will work to make him leave her alone. Jennilyn LOVES to lay on her. IDK how to get her to stop that either. But Ashley still loves them both. We are so blessed to have her in our family! I can't believe she is already 7 months old. Where does the time go.
As for me, I'm just trying to take in all I can of these little kids while they are still little. Jayden goes to school next year and I don't know how I feel about it. It's a new phase in life that I'm not sure I'm ready for, but ready or not. He is so ready though. He talks about going to school and doing homework all the time. I think it will be really hard on Jennilyn when he does go. She will have 2 years after he goes before she will. Jennilyn is my princess. I LOVE how she is 100% GIRL! Her favorite color is PINK and she would wear dresses every day if it weren't getting so cold. She just got a nightgown and she LOVES it! She is Jayden's partner in crime, and most of the time the little evil one. She is all potty trained, in fact, doing better than Jayden some days. I told them I didn't want them to grow up and get big a few weeks ago, and they got really offended. "Why not mom?" I said "Well I want you to stay little and stay with me forever" and they started crying "But I wanna get big." haha. I have had to explain multiple times that eventhough I want them to stay little forever, I don't really get to choose that. They will grow up and I will be happy for them everyday! I love my kids. I love my family! I love my life! I couldn't ask for any more! Well, I do kinda wish the snow would just come and stay! But I guess I'll be patient!
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Our Summer

First of all we did FINALLY get a dishwasher just before we had Ashley. And yes I have absolutely LOVED it!! Chris had some good help when he was installing it!
We GOT A VAN!! The week before we had Ashely we finally sealed the deal! It has been the best investment! I LOVE it! I can't imagine what we ever did without it!
Here's a little glimpse of what we did this summer!

We learned there is a Hess Park in Payson! It seriously pointed to this little rode that looked like it went to someone's back yard, so no we didn't go check it out.
Chris worked hard, and slept everywhere! (My favorite it the bottom left where he's got Ashely's pacifier in his mouth and she is screaming! lol
Every chance we got we played on these...
We did a LOT of this... With friends and cousins and basically anyone that would join us!
We did this most every day...
We did this for the Fourth of July...
We made it to 2 Rodeos.. PG's Strawberry Days and the Ute Stampede...
We FINALLY made it to Lagoon.
We took LOTS and LOTS of pictures and thanks to Camilla's singing Christmas tree for the bribery!
We only took 1 trip on a airplane. 3 kids didn't even kill us! Maybe we're finally getting the hang of this!
We got to celebrate these 2 start their life together. Congrats to Mindy & Curtis! Check out the group pic.. They asked all the couples to kiss.. Jayden and Jennilyn are always telling me they are going to marry each other. So cute!!!
We took a little pony ride at the Animal Farm at Thanksgiving point!
We did LOTS of riding in the car. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes not so much...
We visited 2 Temples. Timpanogos and Palmyra...
We made it to 3 reunions.. The Turnbow Campout, Hanna Hoedown, & the Andrews Reunion (I don't have pics)
The Turnbow Campout
The Hanna Hoedown
The first night we had dinner up Aspen. It was a little chilly, but so fun! Jared & Jessica made dutch over chicken & potatoes. YUMMY!
We had a great talent show and I somehow got zero pics.
We cleaned up the yard and relaxed...
We rode 4-wheelers, horses, and had water games...
We played field day games which were a huge hit. Chris & I even won the 3-legged race! :)
The kids had a blast...
The kids made little marshmallow shooters and horses. We had a hot dog roast out back and celebrated Jennifer's Birthday...
Family pics