Monday, June 15, 2009

Memorial Day!

Memorial day we decided to go have a picnic. It's was fun. Jayden wouldn't sit still for 2 seconds of course, and he had a blast.
Luckily the weather did corporate for us. It was very nice! Then we went to the movie and both kids were wonderful and slept through most of it. We saw the race to witch mountain with the Rock. It was cute! I have to admit there were a few more jumpy spots then I thought there would be, but it was fun. We also learned that day that Chris has allergies. The joys of having your own yard. So I have forbid him to ever mow it again. It's just no fun for me to see him miserable like that.
This was my best picture of Jayden

Spencer Graduated!

I can't believe that Spencer has graduated from High School! I guess he'll always be the little kid to me. It was very nice. He was in the first graduating class from the new Salem Hills High School. They had it out on the football field and had a guy parachute in with the American Flag. It was cool! Congrats Spencer! We are so proud of you!
Dad & Spencer
Mom & Spencer
Me, Jennilyn & Spencer
Jayden & Spencer
Spencer has called Jayden Chunk since he was little. He's just always been my chunky little boy, but now Jayden always responds to Spencer!
He really likes Spencer, as you can see here. He helped him open his gifts. And of course I taught him well, Go for the money bud!
After mom and dad had a BBQ at their place. Dad working the grill!
Jayden had a blast hanging out on the tramp with Aunt Camilla and all the kids!
And of course some cool tramp pics.
Oops. Lets try that one more time.Much betterCongrats Spencer. Welcome to Adult life now!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I can't believe that Jennilyn is 5 months old already. She has been such a good baby! Although I think she's getting teeth, so her life has been pretty miserable at times these days. But she's growing up a ton. She's becoming more and more alert and it's fun seeing her little personalty come to life. She loves to giggle and flash that toothless grin of hers! And I love it too.
Isn't it amazing how different she looks with her hair in a ponytale? She has this very long piece of hair in the front, but the rest of her hair hasn't really been growing. So we're taking advantage of the little spot of hair!
She just loves the high Chair!
We are just loving having Jennilyn in our family! Jayden gets more excited every day to have a play mate! He tries really hard to get her to play with hime sometimes. Luckily I'm able to catch him before he tries too much!
The other day I was doing laundry and had left Jennilyn on the floor. Jayden was in and out of the laundry room, and then he came in once and said "Heavy!" I was like what's heavy. So I followed him out to see what he was trying to pick up and sure enough he went right over to Jennilyn and tried to pick her up. LOL! He keeps us laughing for sure! And we just love him!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What happens when you take the city boy to the country???

Really, do I need to say anymore?

A few weeks ago we went out to Talmage Utah to help my sister and Brother-in-law brand their cows. Jayden was so not a fan! He cried from the second we got out of the car until we left pretty much. It was a very exhausting day for him. He kept seeing his daddy over there with those noisy cows and thought something was going to happen to him. So I was pretty much NO help. But we had a fun time.
I tried to plugging Jayden's ears, hoping that would help, but no such luck!
Anne put the seats in her van down so that the kids would have an area to play. I did spend most of my time in there as you can see!
The kids having fun playing in the van!
My mom had my brothers kids, and they were so good.
Steven had Chris give the cows one of the few shots they needed. It was the first time that Chris has ever branded cows, and he did great. He always loves having new experiences and learning new things! He was a little nervous at first, but on the way home he even told me he would probably do it again! Good work honey!!
Look at that concentration!
Anne was kind enough to help out when Jennilyn needed me. Needless to say, I have no clue how anyone could raise kids alone! It would be quite the challenge! Jayden kept saying that he wanted to go over by his dad. But whenever we would take him over there he was scared to death to be in the middle of all the noise! (The cows don't like being separated from their calves. Can you really blame them?)
The mama cows
Jennilyn was quite the trooper. She was pretty good the whole time.
Camilla getting ready to go help with the calves!Thanks everyone for helping with my kids. You are all the best!