Saturday, November 27, 2010


Jayden turned 3
I can't believe Jayden is already 3. The time has gone by so fast. He's grown up so much over the past few months. He's a little boy now instead of a toddler. He doesn't throw the fits that he use to anymore. He will actually sit on the chair or in his room when he gets in trouble and then come to me and say sorry mom. I'm done crying now. It's been so fun watching him grow up. My sister Jennifer was coming into town just after his birthday so we celebrated a little late and had more cousins to celebrate with. Jennifer made a baseball cake for him and he LOVED it. That's all he talked about for weeks after. Thanks so much Jenn!
Blowing out the candlesEating with his cousinJennilyn really enjoyed her cake
He has ALWAYS been my climber and he had a fun time climbing at the park
The whole group- minus Camilla who is taking the pic
He was thrilled to death to get his tent and laptop! Now he's just like dad

On August 6 I started not feeling so good and I realized that I was in fact Pregnant. So it was the beginning of 2 & 1/2 months of the constantly feeling sick.

The Aquarium
We wen to the Aquarium in Sandy and the kids loved it.
Riding in a canoe
In a cave
This Frog was a highlight
I LOVE this one cause it looks like the fish is right there looking at Jayden
How do you measure up against the Penguins??
Mirror Lake
We had our Turnbow Campout at Mirror lake this year. We almost didn't go. Jennilyn threw up sunday night and then was fine and then again Tuesday and Wednesday night Jayden threw up, and then that was it. So Thursday afternoon we decided to go since they hadn't thrown up. So right as we pulled into our campsite Jayden threw up ALL OVER the car. So we decided to stay and he never threw up again. The first night camping was interesting. The kids were not too excited to be in the tent, but it was ok. The second night was so much better. I was quite impressed. Chris took the kids fishing. Jayden was so excited! They had a really good time. Saturday Chris took the kids home and I went to a wedding shower for my cousin with my mom and sisters. I wasn't feeling really good, but I was thinking it was just cause I was pregnant. Right after we got home I threw up about every 5 minutes for an hour or so. It was rough. Chris got it that night. Thankfully the kids were over it.
My cute parents!
I was freezing
Jayden LOVED it. He got to be outside all the time!
Me & my Girl!
Chris got the hickups the first night and they wouldn't go away. IDK if you've ever been camping with someone who had the hickups but you can hear them very clearly. Tents don't block out much sound!
Jason & Jayden
Jayden & Garisen
Us at Provo Falls!
Aubrey & Camilla
Mom, Spencer & Camilla
Mom enjoying a hammock
Chris & Jennilyn
Chris swinging with his 2 kids. They loved it
We all went for a walk around the lake. The kids had fun and wanted to get in.
Me & Jennilyn
Chris, Jayden & Jennilyn
Jennilyn- The lake is so beautiful
All of us at the Lake
We all crashed on Friday and took a nap in the tent. I guess Jennilyn didn't fall asleep quite as quick as the rest of us and Camilla was standing outside our window talking to her. She wanted out of the crib, but she did however eventually fall asleep.
And after naptime...
Jenninlyn got shots for her 18 month well check and she does not do well with them. My brother Spencer got his mission call that night and she just cried and had to be held all night. When we got home this was the only way we could get her to just be happy. In her carseat watching a show. Poor girl.


4th of July
We had a Happy 4th of July spent with my family!
This horse swing is Jennilyn's favoriteJayden does the silliest thingsMy mom, Camilla, Alesha & IUte Stampede
We went to the Ute Stampede Rodeo with my family. It was a lot of fun.
Jayden & Jason being cowboys together
The entertainment was motorbikes. They were awesome. They were jumping and doing all kinds of tricks. It was probably the best I've ever seen.
As we were walking to the car Jayden was tired, so Chris carried him on his shoulders and Jayden had gum in his mouth... Needless to say it didn't stay there for long. But we did learn that peanut butter does in fact take gum out of hair. It was quite disgusting. I really don't like playing in peanut butter or my sons gum in my husbands hair, but it worked. Now we make sure that Jayden doesn't have anything in his mouth when he goes up on shoulders
At a party for Chris' work they had a dunking tank and they let the kids do it. Of course Chris held him the whole time and he wasn't too excited about the cold water, but he wanted to so bad!
We went to the Fair one night and let the kids each ride 3 rides. They had a blast! Jennilyn was a little nervous at first...
But that changed really quickly when it started moving!