Saturday, November 27, 2010


I know I am SUPER behind. I'm gonna try and catch up. We've had such a fun summer.
The Reed & Julie Turnbow Family Reunion!
We had a blast for our Family Reunion this year. We went to St George and just hung out for a few days. The house we stayed in was AWESOME! There was even a pool and Basketball court in the back yard. SO FUN! We stopped at Cove Fort on our way down and the cheese factory. It was so windy, but fun. Jennilyn of course woke up with a fever.The first night we went to Chuck-a-rama and the kids all had a blast. Jennilyn enjoyed her orange Jello a little too much and that stuff stains your skin. Needless to say, she was orange for a few days.
We hiked in Zions and watched Tarzan at the Tuachan Theater. It was amazing. We spent some good time swimming and playing basketball. It was so much fun! Thanks mom and dad for a great time!
Lee Brice
We went to a Lee Brice concert in a bar in SLC. Can I just say I really don't like bars. I just don't really feel comfortable in them. It's not my kinda place. But it was a fun concert. I really like his music. It was a lot of fun and we were able to meet him afterward.
Jayden cut his hair for the first time
We got this which was our greatest joy this summer The kids just loved to go swimming.
I decided to get rid of all the bushes around our house and put in rocks. They were just too much work for me right now and I don't have time for it. I LOVE the rocks! And the kids LOVED seeing the rocks when they arrived. And they were the greatest to climb on til we moved them.
Backstreet Boys
Camilla, Jonathan, Spencer, my mom, my dad and I all went to the Backstreet boys concert together. It was really a lot of fun. It took me back to high school when they were big. It took them FOREVER to come out but it was a really fun concert. Before it started they were just playing music and everyone was singing and I think I knew like 1 song. I feel so old and out of the loop.
rI think my mom actually enjoyed it, but I'm not so sure that my dad did. It was super loud.

We LOVE water at our house
Jayden LOVES to play in the car and drive Jennilyn EVERYWHERE!
Our Monkey Jayden
Our little Miss Jennilyn


camillajean said...

ahhh ... so many things I can't remember what to comment on! LOL .... BSB YEEEAAAAH!!! OMG!! THAT was AMAZING! Everything I'd hoped it'd be! BSB!!!! YEEEAAAH!!! OMG OMG OMG I wanna go BACK!!! You know they have a concert CRUISE every year.... we should GO!! WE SHOULD SOOO GO!!!!! :) Wudduhya say????? C'MON! :) Lol

camillajean said...

OH! Lee Brice! THAT was fun .. omg we waited for like .. HOURS!! EW .. ew .... haha .. ew ... lol, LOVE his album! :)