Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pool Party at the JT's

First of all, thanks to Jared & Jessica for the fun Party. Too bad the weather didn't comply to our party, but it was fun!
Jared & Jason. (Doesn't the water look amazing!)
Sabrina and baby Spencer. He was 1 month old that day. And so so cute! Congrats guys!
Chris, Jayden, and me! Can you tell it was freezing. I so didn't want to get in all the way, but once I finally did, it was so much warmer then outside the water!
Our children will all learn to swim, that is a given. Chris was a lifeguard in High School, so he was working on teaching Jayden to blow bubbles. I have to say I was impressed, because Jayden would actually try and then we went swimming a few weeks later and Jayden tried again. Very cute, but he won't be afraid of the water. (And I figure hopefully it'll be less worrying on my part when we go swimming. Probably not, but a mother can hope can't she?)
Cindy & Rob and their 2 kids came, and Heather & Scott and their little girl, and David and his boy! Sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone, but it was lots of fun! Thanks!

Ute Stampede Rodeo

Ok. I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted. It just seems like this summer won't slow down. Between the pool, Rodeo, and Parades, we've been keeping ourselves very busy. And Jayden doesn't last 2 minutes without getting into all of my kitchen cupboards, but that is a whole different post, so....
We went to the Ute Stampede Rodeo in Nephi a few weeks ago. We went with my family. It's a tradition my grandparents started and it's been really fun. We missed it 2 years ago when we got married (The whole family went the night after our wedding) and last year we went but I was 8 months pregnant and it wasn't the most comfortable few hours... :) So we enjoyed this year. And Chris' sister Mindy came with us too. I hope she enjoyed it, it was her first rodeo! (Don't think we're all crazy people now Mindy!)

Jayden's new favorite place is on dads shoulders. (BTW thanks for all the pictures Camilla, your the best!)
Us and Aunt Mindy!
Jayden wasn't a fan of his hat, but it did stay on for most of the beginning!
Jayden was drinking out of dads water bottle and spilled it all down the front of him. Then the wind started blowing so we decided we better dry it out. So we wrapped him up in my jacket to keep him warm. Silly boy!
The half time act was the "One Armed Bandit" He was pretty amazing. He rode his horse with only one arm. And had a whip in the other one. I was very impressed. They then let out 2 buffalo and he herded them up on the top of this trailer. It was pretty cool!
I think this was Jayden's first sno cone and of course they didn't come with spoons or straws, so it was kinda fun!
Thanks mom and dad for keeping up the tradition even though grandma and grandpa were out of town. I hope you 2 had fun in New York though. Hope you come next year!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Guest Post

This post is from my little sister Alesha. She is 7, and I am being her typist.
I have a kitty and it's name is Tiger! It likes to be outside and it likes to run really fast. I love my cat and I love to hold it and play with it. I got it from my sister Anne and Jacob and LeGrand and Jarom and Ashton. They brought it to me from their house in Talmage.

Here is something about me... I put the hose under the trampoline with a straight sprinkler on it and I pretended like I was jumping in the pool, but I was just on the trampoline and so I jumped in the pool and then I landed on my back and then I did a flip. And I did a lot of different tricks.
I'm a climber. I like to climb the walls in my house.
I went to the doctor. I waited there for 3 hours. My doctors name was Doctor Anderson. They said to feed me Spaghetti to help me get better.
Tiger says BYE!!