Monday, July 7, 2008

Guest Post

This post is from my little sister Alesha. She is 7, and I am being her typist.
I have a kitty and it's name is Tiger! It likes to be outside and it likes to run really fast. I love my cat and I love to hold it and play with it. I got it from my sister Anne and Jacob and LeGrand and Jarom and Ashton. They brought it to me from their house in Talmage.

Here is something about me... I put the hose under the trampoline with a straight sprinkler on it and I pretended like I was jumping in the pool, but I was just on the trampoline and so I jumped in the pool and then I landed on my back and then I did a flip. And I did a lot of different tricks.
I'm a climber. I like to climb the walls in my house.
I went to the doctor. I waited there for 3 hours. My doctors name was Doctor Anderson. They said to feed me Spaghetti to help me get better.
Tiger says BYE!!


Anne said...

I love the post! Cute pictures Alesha! I am so glad that you are liking the kitten!!! It sounds like you are having fun and staying busy. Eat lots of spaghetti so that you can feel better, ok. Enjoy diving in the the pool (trampoline) sounds like a lot of FUN! :O) Love ya!

madsens said...

wow what an imagination. Don't you miss the care free days of summer. never heard the spaghetti story. We'll have to try that. cute

camillajean said...

AWE!!!!! :) She is SUPER CUTE!!! And SUPER awesome TYPIST she has there!!! :) haha ... OMG so I had my roommie pick me up some chips cause she was already at the store ... and she got the NASTY THINK yellow round ones :( frowny face!! Haha .. oh well! I'm gonna go try it with my Gringo's salsa anyway! :) haha .. bye

Jess said...

Very cute! Way to enter the blogging world Alesha! ;)

Mariah said...

HELLO HESS FAMILY...looks like things are going well!! I'm happy for you guys...and now I can keep tabs on ya!! :o)
Luv ya

Ralaina said...

I love to see more about Alesha she looks a lot like Jennifer I think. That's funny because last spring when I had the flu the only food that I could taste was speghetti and it did make me feel better :)Jayden is such a cute little boy!