Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pool Party at the JT's

First of all, thanks to Jared & Jessica for the fun Party. Too bad the weather didn't comply to our party, but it was fun!
Jared & Jason. (Doesn't the water look amazing!)
Sabrina and baby Spencer. He was 1 month old that day. And so so cute! Congrats guys!
Chris, Jayden, and me! Can you tell it was freezing. I so didn't want to get in all the way, but once I finally did, it was so much warmer then outside the water!
Our children will all learn to swim, that is a given. Chris was a lifeguard in High School, so he was working on teaching Jayden to blow bubbles. I have to say I was impressed, because Jayden would actually try and then we went swimming a few weeks later and Jayden tried again. Very cute, but he won't be afraid of the water. (And I figure hopefully it'll be less worrying on my part when we go swimming. Probably not, but a mother can hope can't she?)
Cindy & Rob and their 2 kids came, and Heather & Scott and their little girl, and David and his boy! Sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone, but it was lots of fun! Thanks!


Anne said...

How cute! I can't believe he will try blowing bubbles already! I don't think Ashton has ever done that on purpose. But, I have never taught them to put their head near the water either.

madsens said...

Hey, Chris can come teach my kids to swim anytime.

Jess said...

I didn't realize Chris was a lifeguard! I should have been asking for pointers. I'll have to try the bubble thing ;)

Far & Tina said...

Fun! I didn't know Jared lives around here. Where is Camilla these days and how is Aubrey doing?

Josh and Melissa said...

How fun- Jayden is getting so big! Sounds like you guys are having fun and enjoying where you are! By the way, your hair looks great! I love it!