Monday, August 4, 2008


I was informed that I didn't even put up a picture of my wonderful photographer from the rodeo, so here is Camilla and her friends with their rodeo hamburgers. THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! Too bad the Ute Stampede doesn't also serve the Strawberries and Cream like PG's Strawberry Days!! Thanks a ton Mel! Your the greatest!


Far & Tina said...

I love the strawberries and cream at PG's rodeo.

Anne said...

Very nice! I love to see you blogging so frequently now!!!! hahaha. Yes, we do have a little bit of trouble finding pictures of our photographer....CAMILLA! Beautiful picture! :O)

camillajean said...

Lol! Haha ... Good thing I scrolled down on your page to SEE THIS!! Haha .. Thanx you're theeeee best!!! Well .. Rodeo hamburgers come REAL CLOSE .. but .. since you're living ... I guess you win! :)