Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me (A few weeks late)

Our Anniversary was the 14 of July (I know I've been really slow at posting, but it's been a crazy/busy summer!) Aunt Mindy watched Jayden so we could go out to dinner. Chris took me to Los Hermanos, because it is my favorite ever. It was wonderful. Thanks so much babe! It's been 2 wonderful/amazing years!
Recently I watched P.S. I love you, for the second time. It was good the first time, cried through the whole thing, but it really makes me think of how really blessed I am. And how quickly life goes by and how we never know what may happen. I feel so so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and a great little boy! My life is absolutely wonderful right now and I couldn't wish for anything more. Thanks a ton babe! You are the BEST! P.S. I LOVE YOU

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Anne said...

How sweet! I guess I will have to watch that show now. I have never seen it!