Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok so I know I'm way behind on my blogging. I have a list of blog (One of those being Jayden's first birthday) But my computer decided to die on me and all my pictures are on there and my handy man hasn't yet recovered them. But it will be coming.
Last night we finally gave Jayden his first hair cut. I've been dreading it because it's just so scary. A girl in my ward told me that they are taught in Hair school to just use the clippers on little kids. I never thought of that. I just thought that I had to use the sizzors, and I had no clue how that was going to work. So we put him in the bathtub, less of a mess, and pulled out the clippers!!!
The before picture
His hair was SO long!!
He is practically bald. Still so cute, but we cut off a ton of hair. Chris told me he just looks like a little boy now instead of a baby!!!! I didn't think I'd care so much about his hair, but I did love his long hair. But we are going to a wedding this weekend and decided to have him clean cut!!
He just doesn't look like Jayden anymore!! :( But we still love him the same!!


Anne said...

I love it! I understand how you feel. They just look so grown up after their first hair cut! He still looks really cute though! I never thought about putting them in the tub to do it though! You did a SUPER job!

madsens said...

When kire gave garisen his first hair cut. Garisen had dark bron hair and when kire cut it all off he was a total blonde. It really took me for a emotional ride. Lyndzee looked at kire and said He was in trouble cause that was mom's baby. I had to go to a church meeting right after and COuldn't consentrate. till I had spilled my guts to everyone at the meeting. From then on every one thought I was crazy

Jess said...

You are right...he looks so different! Still cute as ever. Good job on the cut!

Josh and Melissa said...

Oh my goodness- Jayden looks so big. What a cute little man! Hope you guys had fun on his birthday!