Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dumb Drivers!

So Tuesday I was driving to my sister-in-laws house with Camilla and my 2 kids. I had just got off the exit and was stopped at a red light and waiting for the cars to drive by before I pulled out to turn right. The guy behind me got a little more excited to go then me and ran into me. Oh I was furious! I just hate dumb drivers.. Now, I'm not saying I'm a PERFECT driver or anything, because I know I'm not. But you don't drive forward until the car in front of you goes. UGH! So we pull over and the first thing he says when I got out of the car was, "Sorry, I didn't see you." (Umm... For real?? I really don't feel safe with men like him on the road who DON"T SEE the car RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. After the cops got there he was telling them what happened and he said "You just have to pull up so far to be able to see the cars coming." Umm HELLO, you DO NOT pull up to see the cars coming until you are the FIRST car in line! So, as you can tell this really really bothers me. Luckily it wasn't bad because I was stopped and I think he was also before he started going again, so we are all fine. It could have been really scary if it were worse with my kids in the car. It was kinda a realization of what could have happened and that really scares me. I would hate to be in a car accident with my little kids. :(
Here's the damage!
I just had my bumper replaced when we got side swiped on the freeway 6 months ago, so here we go again!
It was nice that Camilla was there. She kept Jayden entertained when he would cry everytime I got out of the car. She had her ipod and that made him happy. He loves to listen to music through head phones!!Thanks Camilla!