Saturday, April 26, 2008


The past few weeks have been pretty crazy around here, with getting our house put together and getting ready for graduation. But we are finally finished with School! :)

Graduation was Thursday & Friday and it was wonderful. Jayden did so well at the Marriot Center. He wasn't a fan at first. (I think he remembered the place from the basketball game) Too loud and too many people, but once it quieted down he did so well. We're still working on teaching him to like clapping. It scares the poor kid to death!

Our little Family! It was so cold outside. And Jayden's diaper leaked. So his pants and blanket were all yet. He rode home in his diaper. We need to remember to keep some extra clothes in the diaper bag! :)

Chris' parents came in town for the big event and we had a great week. Thanks for making the trip grandma & grandpa! Mindy & Tyler made it too. It's was tons of fun!

We decided to try out the cap on Jayden. He'll be such a good lookin' graduate. (We'll make sure to get him dressed next time!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

We Moved!

We finally moved. We were going to stay in our apartment until the end of April, but our landlord found someone else who wanted to move in early, so we moved into our new house. It was so fun. I feel like I have all the space in the world! It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and an unfinished basement! Yeah! it's currently a mess, as any home would be right when you move in, but we're slowly working on that. Jayden has been sick, had a fever of 102.2, so it's been hard to get anything done. But he is feeling much, much better today, I can even put him down without him screaming at me. Yeah! I don't have pictures today, I don't know where my camera is, but I'll put some up soon. Oh, and Jess, thanks a ton for letting us steal your husband for a few hours, we couldn't have done it without him!


Jayden's new favorite thing is kisses. He's been doing it for about 2 weeks to me and he'll just open his mouth and come at me, very slowly, but he does it. But every time we would try to get him to give Chris kisses, he wouldn't go near him. Well this morning he crossed over. It was so cute. He gave Chris kisses and then he just kept coming in and giving me kisses. He was pretty excited. He's been pulling himself up to everything and walking along side of the couch. It's pretty exciting, but we have to get a gate for our stairs.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Temple Square

Yeah for Conference! It was wonderful! We went up to Temple Square for the last session and it was beautiful, most of the time. It was very chilly though.

We caught this fountain just at the right time. It's not always going, but luckily we were there when it was. Alesha came on a walk with us to be our photographer.

There was a line of people waiting to take their picture here too, so when it was our turn we told Alesha to take it fast. I think we scared her a little because she was very quick, and here is her masterpiece. It's actually not too bad. Just not straight, but she did get all of us in the picture and almost all of the Temple. Those were our guidelines!!

But then we asked one of the other girls to take our picture. We got a straight one this time.

Jayden was loving the grass and being able to move around a little, but he's not big on the sharing things and he doesn't like his own toys when we're with others, and he wanted all of Jason's stuff. Sorry Jess. Sadly we didn't get any pictures of his tantrums, but we did get him happy!

Jayden can be such a happy guy at times. Mostly just at home. He really doesn't like strangers or crowds. But he enjoyed our little walk. It's his first time at Temple Square I think.

These last few pictures are specifically for Jennifer and anyone else who would love to see some beautiful flowers! Enjoy!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A New Tag I Found! - Love Life!

WHAT IS HIS NAME: Christopher John Hess

HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN MARRIED: Almost a Year and 9 months

HOW LONG DID WE DATE: We dated for 7 months, got engaged and dated another 7 months til we got married. Yeah! :0) (I wouldn't recommend it. But it was great

WHO SAID I LOVE YOU FIRST: He did! I totally wasn't ready and it scared me to death


WHO IS TALLER: He is by a few inches

WHO EATS MORE: He does, but when I was pregnant I gave him a run for his money.

WHO SINGS BETTER: He does definitely.

WHO'S SMARTER: He is for sure. He's got the common sense and the brains. Lucky me. :)

WHO PAYS THE BILLS: He pays them all except rent and the car payment

WHOSE TEMPER IS WORSE: hmm.. We don't have tempers at our house :)

WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED: I do, most of the time. Sometimes we switch, like when it's his turn to get up with Jayden at night, cause my side of the bed is closer to the door.

WHO MOWS THE LAWN: We don't have a lawn, but I bet he would if we did.

WHO COOKS DINNER: I do, and I love it. If anyone ever has new recipes please pass them on to me. Thanks!

WHO DRIVES: He does and I love it. It's much less stressful for me.

WHO'S MORE STUBBORN: Sadly, I'd have to say that's me. I'm working on it babe, but it's true.

on my doorstep. There's no way I would have ever made that move.

WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST: He did. To the 2am showing of Star Wars Episode 3 when it came out, but held my hand the day before while watching all the previous star wars, since I had never seen them.


WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THE FAMILY: hmm... We both do. :)

Thanks for sharing the tag Kathlen!!

I tag Anne, Jenn & Melissa