Monday, April 7, 2008

Temple Square

Yeah for Conference! It was wonderful! We went up to Temple Square for the last session and it was beautiful, most of the time. It was very chilly though.

We caught this fountain just at the right time. It's not always going, but luckily we were there when it was. Alesha came on a walk with us to be our photographer.

There was a line of people waiting to take their picture here too, so when it was our turn we told Alesha to take it fast. I think we scared her a little because she was very quick, and here is her masterpiece. It's actually not too bad. Just not straight, but she did get all of us in the picture and almost all of the Temple. Those were our guidelines!!

But then we asked one of the other girls to take our picture. We got a straight one this time.

Jayden was loving the grass and being able to move around a little, but he's not big on the sharing things and he doesn't like his own toys when we're with others, and he wanted all of Jason's stuff. Sorry Jess. Sadly we didn't get any pictures of his tantrums, but we did get him happy!

Jayden can be such a happy guy at times. Mostly just at home. He really doesn't like strangers or crowds. But he enjoyed our little walk. It's his first time at Temple Square I think.

These last few pictures are specifically for Jennifer and anyone else who would love to see some beautiful flowers! Enjoy!


Anne said...

How fun! I guess all of you guy's ended up there. We had snow yesterday morning and this morning. Very cute pictures!!! I am impressed with Alesha's photography skills! :o) Cute little boy.

madsens said...

Cute! HOw fun. Thanks for the pictures of the flowers.

Josh and Melissa said...

Wow- you guys look great! I love seeing Jayden smile! I'm glad you were able to go and that Jayden did well. We are back in town and hope we can get together this week. I'll give you a call tomorrow!

Jess said...

Cute photos! NO worries about the was fun :)

Far & Tina said...

Temple Square is the BEST! Jayden is a cutie.

Ralaina said...

Hi Christine, I hope you don't mind I got on your blog from Jennifer's. You are such a doll. What a cute little family