Saturday, April 26, 2008


The past few weeks have been pretty crazy around here, with getting our house put together and getting ready for graduation. But we are finally finished with School! :)

Graduation was Thursday & Friday and it was wonderful. Jayden did so well at the Marriot Center. He wasn't a fan at first. (I think he remembered the place from the basketball game) Too loud and too many people, but once it quieted down he did so well. We're still working on teaching him to like clapping. It scares the poor kid to death!

Our little Family! It was so cold outside. And Jayden's diaper leaked. So his pants and blanket were all yet. He rode home in his diaper. We need to remember to keep some extra clothes in the diaper bag! :)

Chris' parents came in town for the big event and we had a great week. Thanks for making the trip grandma & grandpa! Mindy & Tyler made it too. It's was tons of fun!

We decided to try out the cap on Jayden. He'll be such a good lookin' graduate. (We'll make sure to get him dressed next time!)


Kathlen said...

The clapping scared Brett to death too! Our poor boys! Congratulations Chris!!!

madsens said...

Congratulations. that picture of jayden with the cap on is adorable.

Josh and Melissa said...

Congrats! Jayden is so cute! What is your week like? We take off to Arizona on Thursday- but I would love to get together before that. Let me know!

Anne said...

Yeah! Can you believe it has been almost 2 years since you were married! Look at all that you have accomplished in that time! When Ashton saw the picture of Jayden, he started saying his name. I was surprised! He was a little concerned about his pants though. he kept saying "Jayden pants" He must like being around these little guy's closer to his age. Thanks for the was wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS Chris! :o)