Monday, September 29, 2008

Eights Tag

8 Favorite TV Shows
1- Bones
2- CSI- Las Vegas
3-The Office
4-American Idol
8-One Tree Hill
8 Favorite Restaurants
1-Los Hermonos
2-Cafe Rio
3-Pizza Hut
6-Mill Hollow (Only in Rexburg)
7-Craigo's Pizza
8-Olive Garden
8 Things that happened yesterday
1-My wonderful son decided to wake up at 6:45. (Not cool since I went to bed after midnight)
2-Went to Church
3- Watched part of The Testaments
4-Took a very nice nap
5- Made tacos for dinner
6- Visited my grandparents
7- Got yummy peaches and tomatoes from a good neighbor
8- Went to be almost 2 hours later than I wanted. And I'm feeling it now. (Jayden went to sleep way too late too, he didn't sleep well at all.)
8 Things I am looking forward to
1-Having another sweet little one join our family
2- Pregnancy ending (Some people actually enjoy it. I wish my pregnancy's were like theirs.)
3- Seeing my sister Jennifer this week
4- A baby shower for my cousin April. I just love family get togethers
7- Attending General Conference
6- Being done canning
7-Getting a Christmas tree
8- Christmastime; snow, music, cheerful people!!
8 Things on my Wish List
1- Decorations and pictures of Christ for my house (I'm no good at this one though so it's a bit of a challenge)
2- A Yard so I can play with my children on the grass.
3- A super cute diaper bag!
4- A family picture before this baby comes
5- Rachael Ray pots and pans! And to go to a LIVE show!
6- A red wood bedroom set (it'll be years before this one comes)
7- Clothes that fit me in all my new stages of normal!
8-A new monitor for my computer! One of those flat screens that has built in speakers (Sine I currently just don't have any.
8 Things I adore about my husband

1- He obeys the rules. Has from the beginning!

2- He is so so patient with me. He puts up with all the joys pregnancy brings and doesn't complain about it.

3- He will wake up with Jayden if I'm just too tired, eventhough he works
4- He works to support our family. It's something he has always wanted to do for his family.
5- He does all the chores around the house that I really don't want to, like get rid of all the bugs; spiders, moths, and cobwebs in my windows
6- He always has the spirit with him and has helped me to learn and grow.
7- He loves me no matter what. Unconditional LOVE!!
8- He does the dishes and cooks. I love a break every once in a while!

8 things I enjoy

1- When my son doesn't have a runny nose--It's been over a month now! :(

2- Anything domestic, such as canning, cleaning, organizing, cooking. (I agree with you morgan. But only when I'm in the right mood.) And I love to wake up to a clean house, so the mood normally hits me when I should be climbing into bed!

3- Packing and knowing everything has a spot.
4- Getting a good nights sleep.. Sadly it's been a while
5- Getting a new outfit or new pair of shoes that I just want to wear all over because I love it so much.
6- When Jayden gets laughing and just can't stop and all of the new things he comes up with daily. (Right now he's trying to do a backbend. Camilla was teaching Alesha and he was watching. It's now his favorite pasttime.
7- Attending the Temple with my husband. Or dates (Which we need to do more frequently honey)
8-Camping- The whole bit. It's fun to get all bundled up to keep warm.
(And I wanna add one more. Family anything! I love to get with my family.)
I now tag My sisters and anyone else who wants to share. It's fun!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


One thing my sisters and I were blessed with is cute feet/toes! Yes, Thanks mom! I think we all feel the same way (correct me if I'm wrong girls!) Last night I was on my knees and was moving on the floor and the toenail, that was already not attached, but still cute-just bruised, got caught on the carpet and was just hanging by one side.
It didn't hurt at all, since the nail was already dead. So I cut the last side off and now I have one ugly toe. I guess I could try to paint it, but it is all rough. SAD day for me! I think the nail is already growing back in. I hope so!
My little sister Alesha lost her big toenail, and a few nights ago she smashed her finger in the door and it's gonna fall off as well. Poor girl. Good thing she is only 7 and doesn't really care if she has cute fingers and toes.. :) We love you Alesha and be careful with yourself!

Utah State Fair!

We went to the state fair. Chris & Jayden's first time.
Me & Chris
Jayden really liked the sheep. And we found this pack goat. Crazy horns
The Tigers. They are such beautiful animals. And so big
I had been craving a Navajo Taco, so we got one. It was absolutely wonderful and it's a good thing cause it cost 9 bucks. HOLY COW! It was totally worth it though and huge.. Sorry, no picture of the food! We stayed for the Lady Antebellum concert in the grand stand. It was lots of fun and Jayden had a blast.
I just had to get a video of him dancing. He kept everyone behind us pretty entertained.

Our little family

New York

A few weeks ago we went to New York to visit Chris' family. We were kind of rushed when we got to the airport and only had about 45 minutes to check in and get to our plane. Chris dropped me off with all our luggage and he went and parked the car. We had 2 suitcases, a garment bag, Jayden's bag and diaper bag, and Chris' laptop. So I sat on some chairs by the check in and waited for Chris & Jayden. I was rearranging some of our stuff and laid the black garment bag over the black chair that I was sitting on. Finally just before Chris got there we decided I better check us in or we weren't going to get to send our luggage. So I went to the Kiosk to get our tickets, we checked our bags and ran to our plane. I of course was starving so we stopped real quick to get something to eat but they weren't so quick! As we were basically running down the hall with like 5 minutes til takeoff we passed some airport people who asked us if we were headed to Newark. They knew they were missing 2 passangers with a baby in arms. It was pretty funny. I also had to stop at the bathroom, so that made us later also. But we didn't miss our flight. When we had about an hour left in our flight I turned to Chris and said "Where is our garment bag?" I thought I had left it on the floor next to the kiosk where I was checking in. Right when we landed Chris called the airport and they said they would see if anything was turned into lost and found and call back the next day! I realized that I didn't leave it on the floor, I never even took it off the chair. So we called and nobody knew anything. One guy called us and gave us a claim number, but we never could find that guy again. The number he gave us forwarded to another lady and nobody had any idea what this claim number was. Chris talked to 5 or 6 different people all day and everyone kept telling us that it is a "HIGH SECURITY" airport and if it hasn't been turned in by now, someone probably took it. While we were at the bus station waiting for our bus out of NYC I called. I explained exactly where it was that I left the bag and asked if she would go check. She put me on hold and walked the 200 yards to go look. Sure enough when she got back on the phone she said "I think I've found it." HIGH SECURITY MY FOOT!! Tyler flew out that night at 11 so he was able to pick up our bag and we didn't have to buy new suits for Tyler and Chris and a dress for me for the wedding. :) Here is Chris on the phone trying to talk and entertaining Jayden.
We found this cute little waterfall in Central Park.
Then went to a show - In the Heights! It was amazing. Thanks grandma for keeping Jayden so that we could go.
We even walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It's become a tradition in our family, since that is where Chris' proposed to me. We try to walk it every time we are in New York City. It was dark, but we tried to get a family photo anyway. You can the city in the background if you look closely
We went to the beach in New Jersey and it was a beautiful day. Jayden wasn't a fan of the water, but he loved the sand. Here are my boys!
Beautiful!!!Grandma and her sweet sleeping boy
We went to Hershey Park, but it rained on us the whole day, so we didn't get many pictures. But here is grandma and Jayden on the train, in the rain!
My toe got stepped on at Hershey Park and it pushed the toenail up and it's not attached to the skin at all. Very painful, but I had to go buy new shoes for the wedding, because I couldn't put my foot in my shoes.
The toe :(
The cute new shoes!
Chris' cousin Amy got married while we were there so we were able to attend and it was beautiful! Congrats Amy & Dave! We are super happy for you!
The whole Family!
Thanks to everyone for putting up with us and being patient. We sure don't move as quickly as we use to, now that we have our sweet boy. And thanks everyone for helping out. It was a great trip!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How does Jayden sleep?

Jayden loves to drink his bottle on the floor mostly. If we put him in his crib he will cry, and half of the time when we hold him he will squirm around for a while before he will actually settle down. Most of the time it's by something, either the couch, a pillow or in some cases the table leg. Here are just a few of his poses.Thanks for the COUGAR Uncle Tyler!
And the favorite spot these days... Under the table!! Here are are few in his carseat. He sure doesn't like to let go of his bottle when he is falling asleep
Ok, so he didn't actually fall asleep this way. We were putting him in his carseat and he ended up like this. So Cute!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a girl!!

So, for those of you who don't yet know, we are expecting, due in January. We had our ultrasound today to find out the gender and it's a girl. Or so he thinks.. I have to say he seemed a little hesitant to say that, but he kept checking and was sure it's a girl. So if it comes out being a little boy that doctor is in trouble. LOL! :) We are excited. We stopped at Wal-mart on the way home and I was all ready to buy all pinks... Chris kinda had to hold me back. I mean we still have about 4 1/2 months left. :) They forgot to print us off pictures, but maybe we'll pull some off the DVD and post later.

A little Scare

This morning I took Chris into work at 7, (in my PJ's with morning breath might I add) because I need the car today. Camilla was here so I left Jayden sleeping. We were just enjoying the drive, on the freeway, when all the sudden we were bumped. I looked in my side mirror and there was a jeep right next to us. Scared me to death. We just kinda bounced around, but both me and the other guy were able to keep control of our vehicles. We pulled over and looked at it and it pretty much looked like only his bumper rubbed off onto ours. It didn't look like it will be a problem at all. The kid looked like he was sleeping, so I think that may have been the cause, but we decided to call the police anyway. It took them almost 30 minutes to get there, so Chris ended up being an hour later for work then planned, but we are all ok. When I got home Camilla helped me in documenting the whole event. The sun is shining, so it's a little hard to see, but there is a little bit of black rubber on there. I've had the car for 3 1/2 years and this is the first time I've ever been hit, atleast that I know about.
Like my outfit... I don't think any of it matches.. Who needs to match when your sleeping?? Honestly!!
And the DAMAGE!!And I just have to add a picture of my cute little guy!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy First Birthday Jayden!!

Ok, so I know his birthday was over a month ago, on August 3, but we will finally post about it. He was super cute.. I made him a little mini cake that he could have all to himself.
Alesha helped me frost the cupcakes beforehand. Thanks Alesha.
He was quite impressed with the flame. He wasn't sure what to do.We tried to teach him to blow out candles beforehand so that he could blow out his candle, but with people standing around watching him there was no way he would even try. So dad & Alesha helped out!Attacking the cake for the first time.
Jayden wanted to share with Aunt Camilla. YUMMY!!
Can you see the cake going up his arms. He pretty much cleaned up the whole cake! It did however make him a little sick later that night, but he enjoyed it.
I can't believe my baby is 1. It's amazing how quickly time flies when your having fun I guess! Oh, but the whole week after he turned 1 was like we entered the terrible twos.. He was overly cranky, and started getting into all my cupboards and pulling out everything. His favorite is under my oven where I keep all my pots and pans. So he has a little drum session going on a lot.. But we love him anyway, things have calmed down quite a bit over the past month as he is understanding more.