Saturday, September 20, 2008

Utah State Fair!

We went to the state fair. Chris & Jayden's first time.
Me & Chris
Jayden really liked the sheep. And we found this pack goat. Crazy horns
The Tigers. They are such beautiful animals. And so big
I had been craving a Navajo Taco, so we got one. It was absolutely wonderful and it's a good thing cause it cost 9 bucks. HOLY COW! It was totally worth it though and huge.. Sorry, no picture of the food! We stayed for the Lady Antebellum concert in the grand stand. It was lots of fun and Jayden had a blast.
I just had to get a video of him dancing. He kept everyone behind us pretty entertained.

Our little family


camillajean said...

Awe!!! :) y'all are SOOO CUTE!!!! :) I'm SOOOO GLAD you ACTUALLY CAME to the fair and the CONCERT!!!! Lady A is the BOMB!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! Love em!!!!! :) Seriously!!!! And YAY for EXPENSIVE.. YUMMY Tacos!!! (I don't know how to spell Navajo...?) is that right??? Hmmmm .... Well anyway .. and J-2the-DEN is a SUPER DANCER!!!! Maybe we should train him!! He can try out for So You Think You Can Dance in... uh .... 21-ish years .... lets go with hip-hop/break .. ya ... haha :) ... Ok .. i'm going to SLEEP!!! .. Oh! P.S. THANX SO MUCH FOR DINNER!!!! :) And ... for doing EVERYTHING for me!!!! You really DO already have TWO KIDS!!! I'm just here helpin ya so when I MOVE OUT (IF I ever do :) lol) then you'll have your little girl but ... I'LL have already prepared you for TWO KIDS!!!!:) Haha .. look at the sacrafice I am making to get you ready for kid #2!!! Who knew that was the REAL REASON .... :)... lol

Anne said... crack me up! I love reading her posts/comments! Glad everyone enjoyed the fair. I definitely agree that Jayden looks hot in those glasses, and he is a GREAT dancer! I can't believe his hair is so light now. He is such a cutie! :O)

Josh and Melissa said...

The fair looked like so much fun- I can't believe there was a tiger there! Jayden is so cute- I love watching babies dance- and he is such a great one! Seems like you guys have had a fun summer!