Monday, September 29, 2008

Eights Tag

8 Favorite TV Shows
1- Bones
2- CSI- Las Vegas
3-The Office
4-American Idol
8-One Tree Hill
8 Favorite Restaurants
1-Los Hermonos
2-Cafe Rio
3-Pizza Hut
6-Mill Hollow (Only in Rexburg)
7-Craigo's Pizza
8-Olive Garden
8 Things that happened yesterday
1-My wonderful son decided to wake up at 6:45. (Not cool since I went to bed after midnight)
2-Went to Church
3- Watched part of The Testaments
4-Took a very nice nap
5- Made tacos for dinner
6- Visited my grandparents
7- Got yummy peaches and tomatoes from a good neighbor
8- Went to be almost 2 hours later than I wanted. And I'm feeling it now. (Jayden went to sleep way too late too, he didn't sleep well at all.)
8 Things I am looking forward to
1-Having another sweet little one join our family
2- Pregnancy ending (Some people actually enjoy it. I wish my pregnancy's were like theirs.)
3- Seeing my sister Jennifer this week
4- A baby shower for my cousin April. I just love family get togethers
7- Attending General Conference
6- Being done canning
7-Getting a Christmas tree
8- Christmastime; snow, music, cheerful people!!
8 Things on my Wish List
1- Decorations and pictures of Christ for my house (I'm no good at this one though so it's a bit of a challenge)
2- A Yard so I can play with my children on the grass.
3- A super cute diaper bag!
4- A family picture before this baby comes
5- Rachael Ray pots and pans! And to go to a LIVE show!
6- A red wood bedroom set (it'll be years before this one comes)
7- Clothes that fit me in all my new stages of normal!
8-A new monitor for my computer! One of those flat screens that has built in speakers (Sine I currently just don't have any.
8 Things I adore about my husband

1- He obeys the rules. Has from the beginning!

2- He is so so patient with me. He puts up with all the joys pregnancy brings and doesn't complain about it.

3- He will wake up with Jayden if I'm just too tired, eventhough he works
4- He works to support our family. It's something he has always wanted to do for his family.
5- He does all the chores around the house that I really don't want to, like get rid of all the bugs; spiders, moths, and cobwebs in my windows
6- He always has the spirit with him and has helped me to learn and grow.
7- He loves me no matter what. Unconditional LOVE!!
8- He does the dishes and cooks. I love a break every once in a while!

8 things I enjoy

1- When my son doesn't have a runny nose--It's been over a month now! :(

2- Anything domestic, such as canning, cleaning, organizing, cooking. (I agree with you morgan. But only when I'm in the right mood.) And I love to wake up to a clean house, so the mood normally hits me when I should be climbing into bed!

3- Packing and knowing everything has a spot.
4- Getting a good nights sleep.. Sadly it's been a while
5- Getting a new outfit or new pair of shoes that I just want to wear all over because I love it so much.
6- When Jayden gets laughing and just can't stop and all of the new things he comes up with daily. (Right now he's trying to do a backbend. Camilla was teaching Alesha and he was watching. It's now his favorite pasttime.
7- Attending the Temple with my husband. Or dates (Which we need to do more frequently honey)
8-Camping- The whole bit. It's fun to get all bundled up to keep warm.
(And I wanna add one more. Family anything! I love to get with my family.)
I now tag My sisters and anyone else who wants to share. It's fun!


Ben and Emily said...

I loved your post! Its fun to get to know more about you! I wish I lived closer to go to more family gatherings! Tell April hello for me! Wish I could be there!

Anne said...

Well, I am not sure that I know myself well enough to put down 8 things on each of those. It was nice to hear about you though! I will think really hard and see if I can come up with them.