Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy First Birthday Jayden!!

Ok, so I know his birthday was over a month ago, on August 3, but we will finally post about it. He was super cute.. I made him a little mini cake that he could have all to himself.
Alesha helped me frost the cupcakes beforehand. Thanks Alesha.
He was quite impressed with the flame. He wasn't sure what to do.We tried to teach him to blow out candles beforehand so that he could blow out his candle, but with people standing around watching him there was no way he would even try. So dad & Alesha helped out!Attacking the cake for the first time.
Jayden wanted to share with Aunt Camilla. YUMMY!!
Can you see the cake going up his arms. He pretty much cleaned up the whole cake! It did however make him a little sick later that night, but he enjoyed it.
I can't believe my baby is 1. It's amazing how quickly time flies when your having fun I guess! Oh, but the whole week after he turned 1 was like we entered the terrible twos.. He was overly cranky, and started getting into all my cupboards and pulling out everything. His favorite is under my oven where I keep all my pots and pans. So he has a little drum session going on a lot.. But we love him anyway, things have calmed down quite a bit over the past month as he is understanding more.


Anne said...

Glad that things are calming down! He is such a CUTIE! Don't you just love to watch them with that first cake! They really get into it, once they realize it is okay! Good luck with the pans and cupboards. I just moved my stuff back down to some of my bottom cupboards. I wonder why the kitchen is so fun to explore? I hope that you are feeling better! :O)

camillajean said...

FINALLY!!! :) super cute PIX!!!! Who do you use for photography??? :) lol ... Haha! OMG he is The CUTEST Jayden Hess EVER!!!! :) GOSH!!! Haha ... And MY OH MY he SURE DOES get into EVERYTHING!!! Haha ... He's super cute!!! :)