Saturday, September 20, 2008


One thing my sisters and I were blessed with is cute feet/toes! Yes, Thanks mom! I think we all feel the same way (correct me if I'm wrong girls!) Last night I was on my knees and was moving on the floor and the toenail, that was already not attached, but still cute-just bruised, got caught on the carpet and was just hanging by one side.
It didn't hurt at all, since the nail was already dead. So I cut the last side off and now I have one ugly toe. I guess I could try to paint it, but it is all rough. SAD day for me! I think the nail is already growing back in. I hope so!
My little sister Alesha lost her big toenail, and a few nights ago she smashed her finger in the door and it's gonna fall off as well. Poor girl. Good thing she is only 7 and doesn't really care if she has cute fingers and toes.. :) We love you Alesha and be careful with yourself!


camillajean said...

Ah MAN!!!!! EWE EWE EWE!!!!

andersenclan said...

Congrats! Not on the toe, on being pregnant. We are excited for you! Love the blog and pictures.

Anne said...

I'm glad that it didn't hurt. I don't think Alesha has very good luck lately. She is always getting hurt!

Jeremy and Morgan said...

First of all, you need to tell Camilla that her favorite name, Camilla Jean, has been patented, and every time someone says that name, they owe me like...5 bucks. :) I'm so proud that I made that name up! Also, I remember your cute feet, and I am so sorry that your toenail fell off! I am glad you found your bag in the airport, and how fun to have a trip to New York! Wow! Love you!

The Hulbert Family said...

SICK!!!!!!! I can't believe you put up those pics!!!!!! AWWWWW, yuck, yuck, yuck!

p.s hope it heals