Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jennilyn's Blessing

We blessed Jennilyn last Sunday! It was a beautiful day and so fun to get all the family together. I've posted a lot of pictures I hope you enjoy!
Jayden was ready for a nap
Jennilyn was a trooper and was good the whole time. She even slept right through the blessing. She was wonderful all day. She even let us take a few pictures of her.
Jayden loves her so much. It is so cute to see the 2 of them together.
4 generations: (to Jennilyn) Grandma Turnbow, Great Grandma Andrews, and mom
Our little family. I'm no longer out numbered by my boys! YAY!
With grandma & grandpa Turnbow (my parents)
With grandma & grandpa Hess
With great grandma & grandpa Andrews
Great Grandma Andrews & JennilynAunt Camilla & Jennilyn. Thanks for all the pics Camilla. You are the greatest!
Jared & Katie Jo ( This one is for you Jess... I love it!)
The Hess Clan, just missing Tyler & Mckenzie!
Grandpa Hess
Mindy, Nicole & Andrea
Grandma Hess' Jello Pinwheels were the big hit! They were great! Thanks!
Thanks to everyone for all your help and for coming to share this special day with us! :) We love you all!

Monday, February 9, 2009


So I know I haven't put up many pictures of Jennilyn, so here are some.. Enjoy!This is how Jennilyn sleeps. Doesn't she look so long? If you look closely, she's smiling
Striking a pose! Isn't she gorgeous?
This is her little hat from the hospital. We never got a picture of her in her hat at the hospital.
I love this little dress, but it almost doesn't fit anymore, so I put together a little photo shoot.
She is a big fan of the bouncer. Thankfully!
She just started smiling at us last week. That's exciting! It's amazing to see how quickly she's growing. I can't believe it's already been over a month. She's still working on figuring out her nights, but last night she slept for 4 hours. That's the longest stretch of sleep I've had in a few weeks. It was wonderful!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Train Moves House

The past week or 2 Jayden has been waking up about 4:30 every morning, and won't go back to sleep. We've rocked him and every time we stand up to go take him back to his crib he just says "NO" in this sweet little "Please don't make me go back there" voice, but he doesn't open his eyes. I left him in there to cry himself back to sleep, but after he was quiet I went in to check on him and he was wide awake just sitting there in his crib. So Chris has been sleeping with him on the couch the past week and we finally decided that we just couldn't all survive like this and he needs to relearn how to sleep all night. So 2 nights ago when he woke up at 3:30 Chris just went in and rubbed his back, but never took him out of his crib. He only cried for 5 minutes before he was out. Weird, I know. So last night we were going to do the same thing. But Jayden woke up at 10 and this time we learned why he is waking up. We can hear the train very faintly when it goes by. We aren't really close, but if the house is quiet we can hear it. But it's not the train that wakes him up. Our house has started creaking in the floor by his room. (Even rocking in the rocking chair in the living room will make it creak!) When the train goes by it makes it creak. And it is extremely loud. The poor little guy has been waking up scared out of his mind and can't fall back asleep. When Chris went and got him last night Jayden's back was facing the door and he was looking to the corner where the boards creak. Because he was crying he didn't hear Chris and when he turned around and saw Chris he just screamed. He was so scared. So needless to say all 4 of us slept in our bed for a few hours last night. It didn't go over so well. So once the kids were asleep they moved to their own beds. We are trying to come up with a solution. Either us trading Jayden rooms or just moving his crib in our room too. Wouldn't that be fun. But one child not sleeping through the night is enough for us to deal with.