Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jennilyn's Blessing

We blessed Jennilyn last Sunday! It was a beautiful day and so fun to get all the family together. I've posted a lot of pictures I hope you enjoy!
Jayden was ready for a nap
Jennilyn was a trooper and was good the whole time. She even slept right through the blessing. She was wonderful all day. She even let us take a few pictures of her.
Jayden loves her so much. It is so cute to see the 2 of them together.
4 generations: (to Jennilyn) Grandma Turnbow, Great Grandma Andrews, and mom
Our little family. I'm no longer out numbered by my boys! YAY!
With grandma & grandpa Turnbow (my parents)
With grandma & grandpa Hess
With great grandma & grandpa Andrews
Great Grandma Andrews & JennilynAunt Camilla & Jennilyn. Thanks for all the pics Camilla. You are the greatest!
Jared & Katie Jo ( This one is for you Jess... I love it!)
The Hess Clan, just missing Tyler & Mckenzie!
Grandpa Hess
Mindy, Nicole & Andrea
Grandma Hess' Jello Pinwheels were the big hit! They were great! Thanks!
Thanks to everyone for all your help and for coming to share this special day with us! :) We love you all!


Anne said...

Great Post! I love all of the pictures! Camilla really knows how to capture the moment. I LOVE IT! When Ashton saw the picture of the pinwheel jello, he started slurping like he was wanting to eat something! I think he really like them too!

Robb and Cindy said...

Those are wonderful days to have all your family there! Cute pictures - you have such a cute family.

Farley and Tina said...

How much fun! She is cute!!! I like your hair too. Is Aubrey home? Ha ha that is very random. Sorry

madsens said...

It was fun to see you, jennilynn was such a good sport with my kids. Thanks they loved her. I'm going to have to keep practicing my jello pinwheels didn't look that good.

Jess said...

No...the updates weren't working. LOVED the pics of Jennilyn...they all turned out so good! What a precious day. :)

camillajean said...

YAY!! Ummm .. You DO realize that when you put in a SUPER 'plug' for your photographer .. that the RED TEXT is stuck on the RED LINE (From your background) and ALL you can see is 'greatest'!!! LAMEO!!! Haha ... I demanded umm ... I dunno .. SOMETHING!!! Lol ... Haha .. Jennilyn is just the cutest lil thing. :)