Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok so I know I'm way behind on my blogging. I have a list of blog (One of those being Jayden's first birthday) But my computer decided to die on me and all my pictures are on there and my handy man hasn't yet recovered them. But it will be coming.
Last night we finally gave Jayden his first hair cut. I've been dreading it because it's just so scary. A girl in my ward told me that they are taught in Hair school to just use the clippers on little kids. I never thought of that. I just thought that I had to use the sizzors, and I had no clue how that was going to work. So we put him in the bathtub, less of a mess, and pulled out the clippers!!!
The before picture
His hair was SO long!!
He is practically bald. Still so cute, but we cut off a ton of hair. Chris told me he just looks like a little boy now instead of a baby!!!! I didn't think I'd care so much about his hair, but I did love his long hair. But we are going to a wedding this weekend and decided to have him clean cut!!
He just doesn't look like Jayden anymore!! :( But we still love him the same!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Quick Update!

We've had quite the exciting past weekend. I ended up in the emergency room on Thursday with major back pains and they diognosed me with Kidney Stones. They sent me home with pain medicine and told me to drink a lot and hopefully it would pass within 24 hours, but it wasn't working since I couldn't keep anything down, so we ended up back in the hospital on Friday evening. They operated Saturday morning and got the stone out thankfully, and I was able to come home Saturday night. Thankfully I'm no longer in pain, and I'm recovering really well. Chris has been great at playing mom with Jayden and he's even able to work a bit from home this week so I can rest. Thanks babe!! We missed out on a fun hike to the Uintah's with my family, but there was no way I was going to be able to make that hike. Thanks to mom and dad for keeping Jayden for us we really couldn't have survived without you!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Alesha!!

For Alesha's 7th Birthday she wanted to go to Utah's Hogle Zoo with the whole family! (Jenn and Kire weren't able to make it, and we missed you guys)
Alesha & JaydenJayden loves cell phones, as does every little kid I've known!
The Jt's and us
I was fascinated by the giraffe's. They are so beautiful and amazing how long their necks are. I think they are my new favorite!!
All the little kids

Chris, Jayden & me
Chris did so good at showing Jayden all the animals and pointing them out. Hoping that he might be able to see them!
Jayden drinking out of the Lions head. ( I have a picture of me when I was younger in the Lions head too)
So I tried it again!!
By the end Jayden was really ready to be done! But he had a blast!
Thanks for inviting us all Alesha it was tons of fun! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

Happy Anniversary to Me (A few weeks late)

Our Anniversary was the 14 of July (I know I've been really slow at posting, but it's been a crazy/busy summer!) Aunt Mindy watched Jayden so we could go out to dinner. Chris took me to Los Hermanos, because it is my favorite ever. It was wonderful. Thanks so much babe! It's been 2 wonderful/amazing years!
Recently I watched P.S. I love you, for the second time. It was good the first time, cried through the whole thing, but it really makes me think of how really blessed I am. And how quickly life goes by and how we never know what may happen. I feel so so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and a great little boy! My life is absolutely wonderful right now and I couldn't wish for anything more. Thanks a ton babe! You are the BEST! P.S. I LOVE YOU

Monday, August 4, 2008


I was informed that I didn't even put up a picture of my wonderful photographer from the rodeo, so here is Camilla and her friends with their rodeo hamburgers. THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! Too bad the Ute Stampede doesn't also serve the Strawberries and Cream like PG's Strawberry Days!! Thanks a ton Mel! Your the greatest!