Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Alesha!!

For Alesha's 7th Birthday she wanted to go to Utah's Hogle Zoo with the whole family! (Jenn and Kire weren't able to make it, and we missed you guys)
Alesha & JaydenJayden loves cell phones, as does every little kid I've known!
The Jt's and us
I was fascinated by the giraffe's. They are so beautiful and amazing how long their necks are. I think they are my new favorite!!
All the little kids

Chris, Jayden & me
Chris did so good at showing Jayden all the animals and pointing them out. Hoping that he might be able to see them!
Jayden drinking out of the Lions head. ( I have a picture of me when I was younger in the Lions head too)
So I tried it again!!
By the end Jayden was really ready to be done! But he had a blast!
Thanks for inviting us all Alesha it was tons of fun! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!


madsens said...

love the picture of you in the lions head.

Anne said...

I was going to type the exact same thing that Jennifer did! I love the picture of you in the LIONS HEAD! :O) Jayden and Chris look cute too!

Kathlen said...

Oh my Gosh, Kristine!! Jayden is getting so big. He is turning out to be a handsome little guy(not that he wasn't before)!!

Far & Tina said...

Isn't the zoo the best!! Your hair is cute. Remember the time Tomi and Lexi cut your hair in the library at school?

Heidi Parson said...

I am finally getting around to updating my blog!! Is there anyway I can get an invite to Jareds Blog!! BTW your kids are darling!! Next time you guys goto a rodeo CALL ME!! Brett and I Love them!!

Katie Smith said...

My goodness Kristine...Jayden is so big now! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up? You look great too. Looks like you had a ton of fun at the zoo. Do you know I've never been to Hogle Zoo? I need to get there...Jack would LOVE it!

We miss you!