Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jayden's New Favorites!

So here are just a few of Jayden's new favorites! This is actually half of a plastic Easter Egg
And of course, he loves his pacifier upside down, sometimes even totally sideways.
Now, these next 2 aren't actually good ones, but as Jayden has grown, the base part of our car seat just won't stay buckled tightly. He does weigh 20 pounds now, but we can't get a forward facing car seat until he is 1. I've noticed this for about a week or so now, and so whenever I turn, I reach back and hold onto the car seat. Apparently I didn't tell Chris, because last night he dropped me off for a surprise party for my sister Camilla (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL) and when he got home this is what he found, so of course he pulled out the camera.
I guess we are done using the base though. Darn, it makes it so much more convenient. But, safety is better!

Bridalveil Falls

Since Chris had work off on Monday for Memorial Day, we decided to go hike the Y and have a picnic. But when we woke up on Monday to rain, we decided that the Y was out of the question. So we headed up to Bridalveil Falls instead because the path is paved all the way. Jayden absolutely loved it. It was chilly, but not raining so that was good. Just the past week or 2 I've started learning how much Jayden loves it outside. Every time we walk outside, he just grins from ear to ear and it is the cutest thing ever. So it was fun seeing his reaction to the river and mountains and everything.
Then we went and ate lunch at Kneaders. It's really good, I would highly recommend it to you all. Then we rented Mad Money from RED BOX! It's a pretty funny show. So, it was a wonderful day off and all this week so far Chris was worked 12 or 11 hour days, so good thing we got it in the first of the week. His work is having a conference, and he's one of the behind the scenes guys. Oh well, we're having fun!


For a quick update on the whole sewer situation, things are perfect. But when we went outside the other day, this is what we found.
Apparently our landlord doesn't want anyone else running over it. It is completely surrounded by cinder blocks. LOL! It use to look like this, only green.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


OK, so I know this isn't a good story at all, but I just have to tell you what's been going on at our house. A few weeks ago we got the first big rain storm of the season. It was great. The next day Chris went in the basement only to find that there was water all over by the water heater and furnace. We guessed it was just from the rain and talked to our landlord who told us to watch it. So the next week it rained just a little and nothing happened. But shortly after that every time we would use any water in the house our kitchen sink would spit water out and gurgle. Honest, not very cool, especially when your standing right next to it. And sometimes it wouldn't drain.
Monday this week I did laundry and Tuesday morning there was water all in the basement again. And while Chris was down there I went to the bathroom and then he figured out our problem. Our sewer is backed up. Not cool! So we called the landlord and told him the situation, he said he'd get on it first thing in the morning. Well all day Wednesday we didn't hear from him. Wednesday night mom, dad and Alesha came over to watch the finale of American Idol after Spencer's dance program. (YEAH FOR DAVID COOK!) I made them all use the bathroom at the school before we left. Every time we use the bathroom it floods the basement and it stinks. NASTY!! So Thursday morning we got a phone call at 7:30 saying the plumber would be here in an hour. Yeah! Finally!! So we showed him the mess downstairs and he laughed. (NOT A GOOD LAUGH) He drained the pipes and stuck his camera down in there and he couldn't get through. Something was blocking the way. Come to find out, our neighbors ran over the pipe that takes our sewer out to the street to the sewer and totally crushed it. So nothing could get through and stuff was seeping into the ground. NASTY! So the plumber went next door to see if their basement was flooded also, and it wasn't. Apparently theirs just goes straight out to the street in a different pipe and doesn't connect into ours and I'm not sure why our out was in front of their house. Odd. So the plumber talked to our landlord who said he didn't know if he had money for that right now and we might have to move out. When I heard that I called Chris almost in tears. It's only been a little over a month since we moved in. AHH! What would we do? Move in with my mom and dad for a while I'm sure. So I was freaking out and finally after about an hour of phone calls the landlord said go ahead. So they had to dig up the whole thing to replace the pipe that had been run over. UGH! The plumber didn't leave until about 4:30 or 5. And all in all it was around $6000.00. So, be careful when it comes to your sewer, it's not Cheap. But we can use the bathroom and showers again. And my kitchen sink doesn't spit at me anymore. It's wonderful. And we don't have to move. Yeah! I had to take a picture of the RESCUE ROOTER truck. (I figured that'd be better then a picture of the basement.) :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Golden Spike!

This weekend Jayden and I went with my mom and dad, Alesha and Jason, my nephew, to Promontory Summit to the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Mom packed us a lunch and things were going to be great. First of all, we left a little late and then when we got to Pleasant Grove Alesha threw up. She wasn't feeling well all morning, but then she threw up. Luckily she didn't eat breakfast, so there wasn't a lot there. But still she just didn't feel well at all. Mom turned to me and asked if we should just turn around and go home. Well we kept going.

There was actually a very large crowd there. I wasn't expecting it. But we all pulled out our strollers so each of us was pushing one. Alesha got to ride too. It was pretty cool. People really get in character for it and some people have been doing it for years. They reinact the whole thing. The trains aren't the actual ones, but they are exact replicas of the original 119,

and Jupiter.

During the program Alesha started feeling really good. She actually got out of her stroller and was dancing around. Having a wonderful time. Then we left and on the way home we had our lunch. It was wonderful, thanks mom!

Shortly after we left Jayden decided that he didn't want to be in the car anymore and he was exhausted and really needed a nap, but just wouldn't fall asleep, so we listened to him cry and cry and cry some more. He finally fell asleep and then Alesha threw up. This time it wasn't so nice and it also didn't smell well. We were in Ogden. We stopped at a gas station to kinda clean things up and I just started laughing, so of course, I pulled out the camera.
Poor mom and Alesha were in the back.

Jayden wouldn't quit crying. So I took his seat out to try to swing him and put him to sleep. No luck! Finally a bottle did the trick!

Dad was trying to figure out what he could do to help.

Jason was so good. Just sat there the whole time.

And I was obviously the camera lady.

So we sorta cleaned things up and then headed home again. Jayden and Jason found it fun to take turns crying and talking to each other. And poor Alesha continued to throw up the whole way home. It was an exciting day, but all in all it was fun.
Sorry it's kinda disgusting, but just had to post it.
Thanks for the day mom and dad. It was fun! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Growing up

So, I've been wanting to get Jayden something that he can stand next to and play with now that he is pulling himself up to everything, but I haven't been able to find much. My nephew Jason has a really cute little table that plays music and has buttons and that's what I've been looking for, but so far no luck. Today I found this walker thing. Jayden can just push it around. I actually decided to look at these, because Jayden was pushing around his stroller yesterday and just walking behind it. It was so cute. So we got the walker, and it can turn into a little wagon for him to pull around when he can walk on his own. I just have to show you this video. He is such a cutie walking around the house, but he always gets stuck at whatever is at the end of his road and just bangs into it until I come move it for him. It's been fun watching him with this and he's having a blast! Our little boy is growing up! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Moving the fam! (This is my Parents new House, not mine)

This last weekend we moved the family. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of strong men to help carry all the big things. (the washer, dryer, couches, piano, organ, freezer.) Jenn & Kire came down and brought their 3 cute kids, Lyndzee, Taylor & Garisen.

Jayden & Jason had so much fun playing together!

Camilla & Jennifer took the couch out all by themselves. You go girls!

Here's all our strong men taking that couch upstairs. It's a hide-a-bed, very heavy. But they did get it up! Yeah!

Taylor was such a big helper and helped grandpa empty out the fridge!

Grandma & Jason, Love the house mom! :)

These little kids decided they were digging for the first PROPHET, George Washington's horse (I did inform them that George Washington was the President of the United States, not the prophet) They did bring me what they believe was a bone from his horse.

The JT's. Isn't the view amazing?

Jayden found this car, and felt like he was KING of the world. It was pretty cute!

And Jayden did so good. He spent a lot of time in the highchair and he was so good for us. Thanks bud!