Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jayden's New Favorites!

So here are just a few of Jayden's new favorites! This is actually half of a plastic Easter Egg
And of course, he loves his pacifier upside down, sometimes even totally sideways.
Now, these next 2 aren't actually good ones, but as Jayden has grown, the base part of our car seat just won't stay buckled tightly. He does weigh 20 pounds now, but we can't get a forward facing car seat until he is 1. I've noticed this for about a week or so now, and so whenever I turn, I reach back and hold onto the car seat. Apparently I didn't tell Chris, because last night he dropped me off for a surprise party for my sister Camilla (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL) and when he got home this is what he found, so of course he pulled out the camera.
I guess we are done using the base though. Darn, it makes it so much more convenient. But, safety is better!


madsens said...

that's pretty good for him to sleep through that. At least I think he's a sleep.

Jess said...

WE have the same problem with our carseat and Jason is barely 20lbs if that....Jared tells me I just need to pull the seat belt tighter. Way to go Jayden on reaching 20 1bs!! :)

Anne said...

You can actually buy car seats that will buckle in front facing and rear facing. I have one. Of course i bought it when Jacob was little and that was like 6 years ago. Very impressed with his favorites! Watch don't want him getting any pennies stuck down there.

Far & Tina said...

I love the car seat picture with Jayden sideways! It is really cute

Josh and Melissa said...

Jayden is getting so big! We took out the base of the car seat a long time ago because it was annoying to me- I had no idea it would start moving around. Also- I AM SO SORRY about your sewer problem. That stinks:) Haha. Anyways, you guys look great and I'm so happy that things are going good for you. We definitely have to do something before we move. I will call you next week.

andersenclan said...


I was excited to see your comment on the blog. Mom said that she saw you guys when they were in Utah visiting. I love your page. Jayden is so cute and keep us posted on what you do with the carseat, we are in the same bind :) Love ya!