Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bridalveil Falls

Since Chris had work off on Monday for Memorial Day, we decided to go hike the Y and have a picnic. But when we woke up on Monday to rain, we decided that the Y was out of the question. So we headed up to Bridalveil Falls instead because the path is paved all the way. Jayden absolutely loved it. It was chilly, but not raining so that was good. Just the past week or 2 I've started learning how much Jayden loves it outside. Every time we walk outside, he just grins from ear to ear and it is the cutest thing ever. So it was fun seeing his reaction to the river and mountains and everything.
Then we went and ate lunch at Kneaders. It's really good, I would highly recommend it to you all. Then we rented Mad Money from RED BOX! It's a pretty funny show. So, it was a wonderful day off and all this week so far Chris was worked 12 or 11 hour days, so good thing we got it in the first of the week. His work is having a conference, and he's one of the behind the scenes guys. Oh well, we're having fun!


madsens said...

How fun. Looks pretty with all the green.

Jess said...

Fun! I miss being close to the provo river and canyon. So beautiful!

Anne said...

That does sound like fun! I agree that everything looks really pretty and green. Glad that it didn't rain on you and that you were able to have a good meal. That can definitely complete a day! :O) Good job taking the family picture....I am impressed.