Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Birthday

This year I turned 27 on January 27. It only happens to everyone once in their life.. Kinda cool. Well the kids weren't SUPER nice to me all day. Of course. Chris made me dinner and a cake. It was spice cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. It was so good. My mom, dad & Alesha stopped by so they had cake & ice cream with us. It was fun. So Chris told me that one of my presents was going to be late.. He went to buy it at the store and it wasn't there, so he bought it on amazon and it would be there in a day. So the box came in the mail and he said I could open it. And it was Rachel Ray pots & pans... WOW, I have wanted them for a few years, but I never thought I would actually get them.. I LOVE THEM!!!!
They are all nonstick, and so easy to clean. Although I can't use any of my metal utensils on them, so good thing I have plastic ones. Thanks babe! I LOVE THEM!!

Well the next week Camilla asked if she could take me out for dinner for my birthday. So we went and got pedicures and went to dinner. We were going to go to a movie too, but she was saying how she has this huge project due for one of her classes, so she needed to get home. So we were done eating by like 6:30. But mom called and needed some milk, so we stopped at macey's and so I got some things too. And then we came home. Camilla said she really needed to use the bathroom, which totally made sense to me because I needed to go to. And we got to the door, and I had left my keys, so I knocked on the door. The lights were all out and I couldn't believe that Chris already had the kids in bed and it wasn't even 7:30 yet. So he opened the door and I came in and there was all my family, in the area, to surprise me. WOW I was so not expecting that! (Of course I started to cry.) lol! They had decorated my house with balloons and streamers and my mom made my favorite ice cream cake. And Camilla gave me the movie 27 dresses, cause of the 27. And inside were 27 $1 from each person in my family! There are 29 of us, but minus me and Spencer who is on his mission- it worked out perfect. Each person signed one. It was really clever. So we had a fun night. Grandpa & Grandma Andrews even came. Thanks to everyone for making it great!
Chris & I
My mom made my favorite Ice cream cake
My 27 $1Jessica
My brother Jared
All the kids, Katie, Alesha, Jayden, Me, Jennilyn, & Jason
Camilla & I
My dad
My mom
Grandpa Andrews
Grandma Andrews

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camillajean said...

Hahhahahaha!!! GPA's HAT IS SO FUNNY!!!!!! LOL!!!! Haha .. I am SOOOO HAPPY you were SURPRISED!!!!!!! :D I am so dang sneeky!!! :) LOL .. hahahahaha ... Remember how I got 2% milk and you made me go BACK to get 1% cuz thats what Mom uses? Which .. I mean typically that'd be SUPER helpful, but at the time .. not so much ... especially since no one needed milk! LOL!!!!! HA! HA! HA!!! LOL ... oh man so funny. YAY for pulling off the surprise bday party!!!!! I hope your 27 on the 27th was SUPERB! :) And you didn't mention the bday VIDEO. Rude. LOL! JK!! Hahahaha