Friday, March 11, 2011


This year we spent Christmas with my family! My parents only live 10 minutes away, but we went up and stayed for a week anyway. It was so much fun! Aubrey took us all ice skating on Christmas eve. The kids absolutely LOVED it. As for me, skating while pregnant isn't my most favorite thing. haha! But it was fun!
Jennilyn & I putting on our skates
It's a killer to skate with little ones, cause they want to hold both your hands. And it sure works your back!
Chris & Jayden
We got hot chocolate and Jayden loved it
Jennilyn & Camilla
Camilla & Jayden
Jayden skating with Aubrey
Jennilyn loving the glass
They had these little walker things for kids that they can push around to help them skate. Of course they were all taken when we got there. Jayden wanted one so bad. He started crying, which just annoyed me and I was ready to leave. Finally just before we were going to leave a little boy was done and coming out and his mom asked if Jayden wanted it. This was the first picture taken after. haha! He was sure happy that he got it.
Santa Clause was driving the zamboni. That was pretty exciting!
After ward we went caroling to some friends and then home for dinner. Jared & Jess picked up Chick-fil-a for everyone. WOW, those chicken nuggets are amazing! Thanks guys. It was great!
Then we did our gift exchange and the nativity. The kids all wanted to help each other open their gifts.
Jayden got Chaps from Alesha (Thanks mom for making them)
Jennilyn opening her present
She loves her phone
And purse!
For the siblings we did a food storage gift, but the $ limit was $10. So we had to be creative. Anne & Steven gave us both a box of life... Isn't that a great food storage. lol! I thought it was great!
The kids all slept in quite a bit on Christmas morning.
Jennilyn was so tired, she fell asleep right in the middle of the floor
Jayden loved his candy the most
Our family Christmas morning
We of course had to document Chris' hair
All the grandkids, & Alesha in their matching Christmas PJ's from Grandma & Grandpa
Jayden got into a fight with the couch! The couch won! lol
Our family with Grandma & Grandpa Turnbow
The whole Turnbow clan - minus matt who was sleeping
Our matching Christmas PJ's.
The kids in front of our tree

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camillajean said...

FUN :) OMG I still LOVE that pic of Jlynn with her nose smashed up against the glass.. L!! O!!! L!! SOOOO FUNNY!!!! Hahahahahahahhaa ... LOVE IT :) Dude, It's almost been a YEAR & I haven't done the video yet! AHHHHH!!!!!! I am already behind my 2 big events. They are hard! Haha ... so much .. THINKING involved (picking pictures etc ... I'm sure you know) LOL, but love it, good post :)