Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Addition

I had a Dr appointment on Tuesday and first of all the nurse couldn't find the heartbeat. Freak me out!! She tried for a few minutes and found nothing but mine! So finally she says, "Don't panic.. I'll go get the nurse who is really good at this." So I tried not to panic and the nurse came in felt my tummy and put the thing on and BAM! There was the heartbeat! 151- Perfect!! WOW... So then the Dr said he thought her head was thrown back, looking up. And it's suppose to be down with her chin to her chest. So he did an ultrasound and her head is back, but also turned sideways. So she's looking at my hip. So he wanted to talk about it. He said that it didn't scare him, but he has other doctors helping him right now, cause he just let his partner go, and he needs to breath everyone other weekend. And of course he wasn't on call this weekend. And he could see this scaring some doctors and then they would just do a c-section. So if I wanted to he would induce me on Thursday. I of course was like yes, but I needed to talk to Chris first. But Jennilyn was the same way and my doctor was NOT the doctor on call. So after her turned her completely face up and after pushing forever he used the vacuum and then said want a c-section or call your doctor? I said call my doctor and he was on his way in already. Within 5 minutes of him walking in the room he had her out. So I didn't want to have that experience again. The doctor just didn't seem very confident, and I go to my doctor because he is and I TOTALLY trust him! So we decided to do it. They called me on Wednesday and said "We will get you in, but we have no clue when. So you just be ready. It could be any time from 7am to 7pm. WOW, that makes for a LONG day. I guess I was a little excited, or nervous or whatever, cause I slept terribly. I just kept checking the clock. I didn't wanna miss their call and what if I just didn't hear it. Well at 7:30 they called and we headed in. They got me all hooked up and started the pitocin at 9:10. At 9:45 I was dialated to a 4. At 11 I was ready for my epidural, but he there were 2 people in front of me. So finally at 12:30 I got the epidural, which was wonderful! My dr came and broke my water at 1:55 and I was a dialated to a 6. So I decided I was gonna take a nap. Chris left to take a walk and at 2:10 I started feeling TONS of pressure. I really thought I was gonna have the baby in the room by myself. I called Chris and he didn't answer and I couldn't find my call button for the nurse. Then Chris came back in and got the nurse and I was fully dialated and ready to go. They called my dr back and she was born at 2:21. She was face up, so he used the forceps to flip her, but then did not use them to get her out. He has had to pull the other 2 out. And she was bigger, so that's weird. But it was really quick.


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Congrats!! More details please!! Hope everyone is feeling good and adjusting well!

Anne said...

I am so glad that everything went so good this time. I am also glad that you didn't have the baby in your room by yourself!