Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last Tuesday Jayden took a great nap. He slept for over an hour, which he never sleeps longer then 30 minutes! So I was in my bedroom cleaning it up. When I finally went into the kitchen to put some stuff away I stepped right into this...
a huge puddle of water. AHHH! So I looked around, and it wasn't coming from our washroom or the kitchen sink. It looked like it was coming from the fridge, so I called Chris and asked him if our fridge or freezer should leak water. Anyway, so then I went in the basement and it was dripping down the walls and onto all our stuff that we put by that wall so that it was away from the sewer problem area from last time. So everything was wet. Luckily I like to store my stuff in buckets, so most of our stuff stayed dry. There were some empty boxes that got ruined though. But on top of all the buckets was lots and lots of water..
I went to see if anyone was home next door to see if they were having the same problem, but nobody was. But it was leaking along the foundation line in the garage as well. AHH! So Chris came home and called our landlord and he got ahold of the neighbors and we got the code to the garage and the door was open and they were flooded as well, but it had reached their carpet. We caught it before it got our carpet. Anyway, she had started a load of wash when she left for work 3 hours earlier, and the hose came detached in the back, so it was trying to fill the washer to do the rinse cycle, and it was just gushing out the back and so it seeped through the wall and into our house. We are sure having quite the luck with our neighbors and water problems . Anyway, so Chris shut off the washer and we tried to clean up. My mom came over and brought grandma Andrews' Shop vac, so we could vacuum up the water instead of using towels and rinsing them out because that was going to take us forever. And then mom took Jayden so that we could clean it up. The managers called a restoration company, and they spent a few hours vacuuming up the other side, but our side was fine since we had cleaned it up, so they didn't have to do anything on our side. I was very glad that I was home, or both sides would have been ruined by the time anyone came home from work. The restoration company did bring in a moisture meter that they put on the wall to see if there is any moisture in the wall. It was pretty cool. Luckily it was all fine so they won't have to tear our house apart. YAY!

The restoration company came back on Monday to check it out. Our baseboard warped and is no longer attached to the wall in the kitchen, so that will need to be replaced, but that is all. :) And our basement is a total mess now since we just moved things to get them away from the water leaking walls. So that'll take us some time. My wonderful hubby was so nice to help me clean it up before he went back to work. Thanks babe! Your the greatest!!
And of course I just have to add a picture of our little Jayden. He was jumping on Camilla's bed. It was the coolest thing ever. Thanks Mel for letting him!! I hope there's not too much drool all over. It's kinda his trademark these days. He leaves it everywhere he goes!!


The Hulbert Family said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!! that is not fun but yes you were luckily to not have a worse problem. I bet the landlords loved that too! Good luck in teh future.

Oh and I picked up that stuff from your sister-in-law finally!

Anne said...

I think your landlord has a really good family renting his place, and he also has really bad luck! It seems like everything went way down hill after his partner took the money and left. Luckily you guys are like the sweetest, nicest people around! SORRY! I hope you don't have anything else to deal with!

That is a super cute boy jumping on the bed....who could be upset at that face?

Morgan said...

Yikes! So is your house attached to someone elses house or something? I'm dumb and tired, and confused...anyway, glad it got fixed. I hate when things go wrong. But I guess we all do...anyway, take it easy little mommy!

madsens said...

IF it isn't one thing it's another. Glad it didn't get your side to bad.

Farley and Tina said...

That stinks! But good thing it wasn't too bad though! I ran into Camilla and your parents at early voting the other night. It was good to see them.