Monday, October 20, 2008

Burnell Turnbow Campout!

Ok, so I know this is WAY late, but I've been meaning to post about our Turnbow campout since it happened in August. But my computer died and then I lost the pictures, well I just found them, so watch out, cause there are lots of pics!!

I was so excited to go camping! I do love camping, mostly when I don't have to prepare all the food! Anyway, so we bought a tent and took our air mattress and the pack-n-play for Jayden. Both fit in our tent with extra space, (So we got one to last us more then a few years!!)
Our little family Friday night!
It was Jayden's first camping trip and I must say, he loved it! (I know I look like I'm going to eat him, but I'm just posing for the picture.. Anne, I might need some lessons!!)
Jayden playing with the hose at our quest to the bathroom before bed!!
Jayden loves being up on daddy's shoulders
Grandma Turnbow even came out to camp. She was almost 98 at the reunion
Good Morning!
Our Tent
Jarom was such a good helper. He loves to cook with grandma!
Spencer gave Jayden and I a ride on the 4-wheeler, thanks spence!
My cousins little girls were so cute. Before breakfast they found the ketchup and proceeded to dump it on their plates and eat it with a spoon!
They have the same birthday but 1 year apart, and their grandma gave them little gloves and bandanna's. They were so styling!
Our happy little guy!
Anne, LeGrand & Ashton taking a ride!
How many men does it take to open a truck when the keys are locked inside?? Apparently a whole lot. They did finally get the door open though. Good work guys!
Jarom & LeGrand getting ready to go swimming in the freezing cold water!! I remember thinking that was fun too!!
All summer I've been waiting for a killer rain storm. I just love to play in the rain and it just never happened. Well just after the kids decided to jump in the river, the rain decided to pour! It was so much fun! So Camilla and I of course had to go walk through it. So we did. We got drenched, but it was so worth it. I love the rain!
ME enjoying my rain!
The river looked amazing with the rain hitting it. It was so beautiful!!
But here is what the river looked like after the rain storm. Not so much fun anymore!!!Camilla & I attempting to jump at the right moment for the picture in a huge puddle!!
Spencer pretty much sat under a tree the entire rain storm, but then decided to take a cool picture too! Way to go Spence!
It was a great reunion. Thanks Carol and Rex for putting it all together!
My cousin Melissa got married the night before the campout and it was a beautiful wedding. Congrats Melissa and Ben!
Here we are doing a line dance.
It was so so HOT in that place after we danced. It was fun though. It was the first time Jayden really started coming alive. He wandered all over that gym dancing around. We had to chance him down. Sadly we didn't get any pictures of him!


madsens said...

Thanks for the pictures. IT always rains as soon as we get in the river. Even up here the second weekend in Aug. it rains.

Anne said...

LOVE the pictures! Thanks for posting even though August was a little while ago. Sooooo glad that you found those pictures they were great! You don't want to take lessons from me on how to take a picture....didn't you notice how tilted my head is in that shot. I am going to fall over if I tip it anymore. :O)

marcela said...

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