Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wedding Bells!

A friend of ours got married a few weeks ago and we went to the reception in Tabiona! Jayden had a blast. They had these candles on the tables that were battery powered and he just kept trying to blow them out. Sadly he didn't succeed.
He also found his way underneath the gift table. We caught him on his way out!
Here's the beautiful bride, Celeste and me. We have a picture just like this from when we were in high school, although I do look slightly different!
Congrats Celeste & Ben. We are so happy for you!


Anne said...

That is so cute! Jayden is such a character!

camillajean said...

This is a little LATE!!!! Lol .. I guess it's not THAT late but it FEELS like it was FOREVER AGO!!! LOL .. JAYDEN WAS SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!! MAN!! I just lovin' hangin' out with the kid!!! (AND his parents OF COURSE!!!! Y'all are privileged I tell ya!!! You're one of the FEW married people I hang out with :) ...) I'm sure you're actually wishing I WOULD GO AWAY!!!!! Lol .... haha ... haha .. ah ... lol

Ben and Emily said...

Looks like fun!