Sunday, May 3, 2009

4 & 21 Months old!

Since both of my kids were born on the 3rd it is very easy to remember each month! Jennilyn is 4 months old today. She is getting so big. She's been trying to roll over lately. She can get her legs to go almost all the way, but her cute little chubby arms get in the way from the final roll. One of these days I just know she can do it. She's also been spinning circles when I lay her on her back. (So her head stays in the same spot, but her body moves around like a flower. Does that make any sense? I'll have to video it. It's a very slow process though. And it just helps with her BEAUTIFUL bald spot she's got on the back of her head.) But as for her misshapen head, it is looking very good. Not totally fixed, but getting very close! We are very grateful for that! She is still such a happy baby for the most part. She's started having cranky moments. Last weekend my sisters all came out so we went up to my moms house, and Jennilyn was being really cranky. She just kept crying, I couldn't figure out what was wrong. She's normally just so good, so I don't really know what to do when I can't console her. My sister Jennifer laid her on the bed and took off her pants and undid her diaper, and she was as happy as could be. She said her oldest daughter did the same thing. So thanks Jenn, we are very thankful for that, it has actually saved us from stressful screaming evenings quite a few times. Very weird, but it does the trick! She weighs about 13 pounds I think and we just love her! Jayden just loves her so much. He's a little anxious for her to play with him though. He likes to try and play catch with her and he really likes to share his food with her. If only he understood that part. He is a sweetheart though. He loves her so much! He's always worried about where she is. Every time she is taking a nap, he'll walk around the house calling, "Baby, Baby!" It's very cute!
She loves her hands in close
So Happy!
Just chillin'
My 2 cute kids!
She already knows her brother is crazy!!
Jayden also is 21 months old today! He's quite the character these days. Some days, I don't know if I can handle him, but we always survive. And are very grateful when daddy comes home. Some of his new favorite words are... EMAIL, IPOD, WAHOO, DONKEY, RAIN, WARM, COLD, WET, NASTY, CLEAN, BIG ELK, DEER. That is just a few! (There are deer and elk up at my moms house all the time. And every time we saw the elk they were down in a field, and very small, because they were so far away. One day my mom showed him deer and they were walking right by the driveway, so he could see how big they really are. so I guess that's where he got Big from.
He makes sure that we all keep our socks on. He was trying to help Chris put on his socks last week and he just couldn't get them on, so he held the opening to the sock up to his mouth and started blowing in it. HAHA! Just like a balloon right. Sadly it didn't help his situation! He has started calling for Daddy instead of Mommy when he wakes up in the night or in the morning, so that's exciting for me. This morning he wouldn't even let me get him out of his crib, because he wanted his Daddy! He thinks he doesn't need a nap anymore also, and some nights when he won't go to sleep until 10 I feel the same way, but during the day when he is tired, I just know it will help so he still has a nap! This new house has been a wonderful entertainer. He could stand at the windows and look out all day and cal for the big deer and elk!
So I was trying to get him to smile nicely, and this is what I got. One extreme or the other!
I can't believe how big he looks in these pictures. He's my little boy! Growing up so fast!
We got the outfit from Grandma Hess. Thanks so much. A little dazed but you've gotta LOVE those BLUE eyes!
Just after we moved in he got a sucker and found his place on the stairs and just sat there. He loves the stairs so much.
We gave Jayden a cup with a little too much water in it I guess. And it was cold!
I will post pictures of our house, I just need to take some first. We really do love it here. The ward and neighborhood are so good. We are really excited about being here for a few years and not having to move again in a year. And thanks to everyone for helping us move. We really appreciated it!


Anne said...

Wow! I can't believe that they are that big already! I love the pictures and I totally recognized Jennilyn's outfit. I love the blue and green on Jayden too. They are such cute kids and it sounds like they are starting to show some CUTE personalities! I love the story about Jayden blowing in the sock....such a thinker! Thanks for the post, it was cute!

madsens said...

They are so cute. Jayden is lots of fun. Glad you are liking your new house. IT looks like so much fun. and the not moving soon thing is so nice.

Morgan said...

CUTE LITTLE KIDS! I cant wait to see them! Yeah! Are you gonna be home all Wednesday? What time should we stop by? CANT WAIT! And tell your sisters to be there, too!
Talk soon!
What is your phone number, in case I get lost?

Josh and Melissa said...

What cute pictures of your adorable kiddos! I love the ones of them together. I can't believe how big they are getting! Hope you guys are doing great! I miss seeing you- especially on Sundays!

Ralaina said...

What beautiful kids!!! Very interesting about Jennifer's trick with the streaking thing. :) Have a Happy Mother's Day!