Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today was my moms birthday! All us kids in the area met her and my dad for dinner at Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse! It was lots of fun..
Dad & mom
Camilla & Spencer
Anne & Ashton were able to come out!
Alesha wasn't sure what she thought about it!
The first fire! Super cool!
The fire scared Ashton a little!!
Jayden was mesmerized! He loved the show, rice & chopsticks!!
I caught the Shrimp! Although I wasn't quite sure what to do with it once I caught it. :) I'm not such a seafood person! But I did eat it and it was probably the best Shrimp I've tasted! (Perfect picture Camilla! Thanks!)
The cool Onion fire!! With the JT's in the background!
Jennilyn was suppose to fall asleep on the way over, instead she screamed at us the whole way and decided to try and sleep while we were eating! Poor girl was so tired!
Grandpa & Grandma Andrews came over for cake & Ice Cream & games
Grandpa Turnbow was hanging out with Jennilyn so that we could play games! Thanks dad!
Thanks for having a birthday mom so we can all get together it was lots of fun! Hope you had a great birthday! We love you! You are such a great grandma to our kids and you've always been a great mom and best friend! I love you!


Anne said...

Camilla really knows how to capture the moment! You know how to post one too, but why am I on there. I can't take a decent picture! Thanks for putting everything together.

Jess said... are so on top of things!! I probably won't get this blogged about for another month knowing me :) Fun night...thanks for planning it!!

camillajean said...

I LOVE TEPANYAKI!!! (I CAN'T BELIEVE you DON'T love the NOODLES!!!! WHAT THE....???!!!) :( It saddens my heart! Haha ... Thanx for planning everything I know that can SUCK sometimes .. you did a great job! :)