Friday, April 3, 2009

Our House

Well it's official, we are moved out of our house. This is it. I really loved this house, but I DID NOT love it being a duplex. I so am ready for my own house. We had too many problems that occurred because of our neighbors, not our fault. So we did buy a house. We will be closing on the 15th of April as long as everything keeps going as planned. We are so excited about this house.. But we had to take some family pictures in front of our last place. It was brand new when we move in, so we have been pretty spoiled, and I knew I would have to downgrade, but such is life.
It kind of almost looks like we have grass, but no. We didn't ever get grass put in like we were promised. :( Or the fence or Sprinkler system. Luckily our new place has all of that already in. YAY!

It was very windy, and cold.
We were trying to keep Jennilyn a little warm, so Chris and Jayden were blocking the wind..:)


Anne said...

I love the pictures! I liked your house too, but you did seem to have lots of problems because of your neighbors. And the fact that the one guy ran away with all the money so you didn't get everything that was promised. Can't wait to see your new house though.

Jess said...

Good idea to take pics! It was a cute place but I'm sure you'll love the liberty of making your house your own. :)

camillajean said...

YAY!!!! :0) Haha .. I'm excited to see your new house!!!

Morgan said...

So, you've had 2 kids? Yeah look perfect. Are your toes still cute? Does your husband know that you have cute toes? Tell him. :)