Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jennilyn - 3 Months

I can't believe that Jennilyn is already 3 months old. Wow, how time flies. She has been such a good baby. Just like Jayden was. I feel so blessed that I have had such good babies, but it scares me to have the next one. She's been smiling more and more every day. Yesterday while I was changing her shirt she even started giggling. It was SUPER cute! She has been growing a ton. She's already gained almost 5 pounds since she was born.
Check out that cute grin.
Jayden wants to hold her all the time. He'll go sit on the couch and say "Hold" So sweet!
And this is how she feels about the bow!! She does NOT like bows!
At our last dr visist he asked if she favored one side of her head to the other, and I told him YES she always always lays on the right side. NEVER on the left. So he looked at her head and this is what he found. She is flattening the right side of her head so her head is forming crocked. I've got my fingers in each ear. They are no longer in the same spots. It won't cause any problems, She'll just have a crocked head. The dr gave us some neck stretches because her muscles might be tight, and we always have to lay her on her left side and increase tummy time. (She HATES tummy time, so we're working on that!) The dr said we have until she is 6 months old to correct it otherwise they'll put her in a helmet to correct it. So we are hoping it'll fix itself.


Jess said...

Love the first one of cute, so precious!

Anne said...

So CUTE and SWEET! They definitely look like they are brother and sister. Good Luck with the tummy time!!!

Clore said...

Justin had the same thing. His neck tilted to the right. I tried going to a chiropractor, but then I decided just to do some exercises on my own. His neck eventually fixed itself.

Baum Family said...

Boy she has lots of hair, those are really cute pictures, Maybe because you have cue kids lol