Friday, April 8, 2011

Time Flies!

It's amazing to me how slowly the time passes while you are pregnant and then all the sudden the baby is here and now a month old. It just goes by too fast! The past month has been just wonderful! The kids LOVE her to death and always have to know where she is and want to hold her all the time. She's been doing really great at sleeping at night.. Well all day actually, but this is my first that hasn't had her days and nights mixed up from the beginning. So far she will go anywhere for 2 to 4 hours at night and one week she went for 5.5 hours one night, then 6 and then 6.5. Not all right in a row, but she can sleep. It's great for me.

We've had lots of help. My mom was here for a week right after she was born and Chris' family was all here 2 weeks ago! The kids have been pretty spoiled (And so have I) They got out to the park every day and I got to sleep in plus get a nap. It was a good week. We are back to reality now and it's going ok. It's been raining and super cold so the kids are just dieing being stuck inside. A friend came and took them for a few hours one morning last week and that was so nice. :) I spent the time cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen, but doing that without the kids around was very nice.
As far as the other 2 go.. Jennilyn thinks she is done with naps. I don't know what it is about my kids and giving up naps too early, but oh well.. I'm trying to figure out a good thing, but I still just don't know what to do. If she takes a nap she won't go to bed until after 9. Without a nap she will go to bed at 7. But with the summer coming I wanted to push their bedtime back to 8 or 8:30 so that we could enjoy the summer evenings... taking walks or playing outside. So we are still up in the air with that. We started potty training her this week. So far it's not terrible. I'm just trying to teach her how to recognize when she needs to go. But she goes through all of her pants plus a few of Jayden's every day. lol. And she has like 10 pair of pants. Jayden is LOVING getting to help with the whole potty training. He told me today "mom, I'm so glad that Jennilyn is wearing underwear like me." lol He's a great big brother. He's been in this trowing fun little obnoxious fits lately. I honestly don't know what to do with him when he does that. And it's over things that he already knows, but all the sudden he freaks out about it. But he can officially ride his big boy bike all over the place. (It does have training wheels.. He's not that big yet) And he just LOVES it! He would ride back and forth in the driveway all day if I would let him. He's getting so big. I can't even believe that he'll be 4 in August! It's so crazy how fast they grow.
I'm so lucky to get to spend all day EVERY day with these crazy kids. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. They are my everything (And Chris, of course)
We are now a family of 5! Crazy!!


Anne said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! You have very CUTE little kids and you are a WONDERFUL mom! VERY FUN, PERFECT family!!!! =0]

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