Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ashley's blessing

We blessed Ashely on April 17. It was such a nice day! We had most of our family there. It was fun! Ashley did so good all day. She was just Super happy! Thanks everyone for traveling to be here with us and for all your help!
Us & Grandma & grandpa Turnbow
Grandma & grandpa Turnbow with Ashley
Us with Grandma & Grandpa Hess
Grandma & grandpa Hess with all the grandkids- Jayden, Jennilyn, Austin, Ashley
The Hesses- missing Tyler & Mckenzie & Curtis
They really hate taking pictures! But they were so good
My grandparents, me & Ashley
My grandma & grandpa Andrews with Ashley
Jayden & cousin Jacob- he just loves him
Cousin Brinley, She is 6 months older
Cousin Austin-He is 2 months older then Ashley


jeremy and morgan said...

congratulations again on your FLIPPING THIRD CHILD! HOOOOOO! She's adorable! best of luck friend.
I love your comments on my blog.
Of course I remember all our late night talks and hysteria...sigh...

TC, Ashley said...

I did not know you had three kids. What a great name you chose for her! Lol. And you picked a good time to choose it. Not every other person you meet is named Ashley now. All your kids are adorable. It's great to see you all are doing so well.

Leandra said...

Kristine you're little family is so cute! All your kids really are adorable- but that's not surprising look at their mom! :) Congrats on the new baby!

Anne said...

Love the pictures! Glad we finally made it to the right church. You know what they say....3rd times a charm!

EmilynBen said...

How fun! What a beautiful dress!!

Farley.Tina.Colee said...

Your kids are so adorable! I'm glad you posted pictures of your parents too. Ashley is a doll!

Farley.Tina.Colee said...

Kristine, I hope you don't mind that I make a second post here. Will you pass the word to your sisters and Kara to add me to their list so I can view their blogs??? Pretty please! tinacrofts at yahoo dot com

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