Thursday, July 30, 2009

What we've been up to!

We have had a VERY crazy month of July! It's been lots of fun, with lots of traveling, but it was crazy! First, for the 4th of July we went up to Sugar City Idaho for the blessing of my little nephew Mathew Kire Madsen. It was so much fun, and he is such a cute little guy. Congrats Jenn & Kire!
We went to the Rexburg parade in the morning, which was the BEST parade I've been to in quite a while. They had this HUGE shopping cart for the float for Broulims (The grocery store up there) Super cool. And amazing that they could actually build that!
Jayden absolutely loved the parade. He was just running around crazy. He loved the fact that people were throwing out candy for him. haha! Him and Jason were having a blast dancing to all the music! And those 2 can sure move!

Jayden needed a break - Rest on dads head!
Jennilyn was so good!
After the parade Kire & Jenn took us all out to the river to ride the Jet Skis! Thanks guys. It was tons of fun! Jayden was a little hesitant at first, but he loved it. Chris said on the whole ride he was practically crying and saying "Fun, like it. Jayden like it" haha!
So this red ski was not quite as steady as the blue one and wow, we almost tipped the thing a few times. haha! But it was so fun!
We decided since we were in the area we would go to the famous Idaho Falls Fireworks show that they have on the 4th. So we went down and parked in a warehouse parking lot on a street that headed out of town. (Thanks Kire for the directions out of town away from the traffic) It was nice! We didn't even get stuck in traffic headed back!
Sunday Kire blessed mathew and he was so good.
Thanks Jenn & Kire for letting us all come invade your house for a weekend. It was lots of fun! You have such a cute family! We love you!

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camillajean said...

YAY!! Haha .. hey do you have MY pix from this weekend?? (I don't think I have a ton actually) but there are some good ones of YOU on the jet ski .. oh can I get pix from YOU of me??) I think you have like .. 1 .. but still .. lol .. k bye!