Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I realized that I have a bunch of randomness of Jayden. He is our little character and keeps us all going. Here's some funny pics of him!
While I was doing laundry one day he decided to put on Jennilyn's dress. Upsidedown and backwards! Cute isn't he?
He helped me clean the stove!
He is such a great helper
One day I was making cookies so I had pulled the butter out of the fridge to soften it. When I was ready to use it I opened it and then turned to get something else, when I turned back, this is what I found, but there was no little boy in sight! He didn't actually take any. I think it scared him, because he ran and hid!
Jayden helping mom make pizza! He LOVES to wear an apron and help me in the kitchen!
Of course you have to eat some dough! And he was a fan, but I had to stop him or he would be sick! trying to get it flat with his hands
And he has become quite the good little sharer these days!
If you look closely you can see spaghetti coming out of everywhere. He loves it, but that stuff just doesn't always make it to his mouth
I've been painting some shelves and things around my house and he loves to help paint! Although he does like to eat it. We're working on that one!
His beautiful masterpiece
He hasn't learned to put his own socks on yet, but he can get dads on, so he loves to wear them
Although he has learned to put his own shoes on, somehow these are his favorite (My Heels!)
Me & My little boy!It's amazing how fast they grow up! He'll be 2 next month and I can't believe it. But I sure hope the terrible twos are better then our terrible ones.


Anne said...

He is such a little character! Cute Cute kid!!!! He looks GREAT in a dress too....not many boys could get away with that. I am so glad that you have such a BIG helper, they can come in handy! :O)

camillajean said...

I FREAKING LOVE HIM!! OMG he's SOOO CUTE!! Haha .. I love his guts!!!! DANG!!!! :) And just .. ya! Nice work!! LOL .. haha .. haha ... sigh ... lol