Friday, July 31, 2009

Lake Tahoe

We went to Lake Tahoe last weekend for a Family Reunion! WOW, that place is Gorgeous! I LOVED it. The water was PERFECT! They said it's normally colder than that, but it was perfect. My Uncle Steve has a boat so he took us all out for rides. It was so much fun! Jayden loved riding the tube! He kept saying, "Bouncy, bouncy" and then the water was splashing him in the face and he was seriously drenched, and had water dripping off his face and he was grinning and saying "splash me, water splash me" It was the cutest ever. We hiked up to Eagle falls. Very pretty! It was so much fun!
We had to find lots of ways to entertain Jayden on the drive. (It took us 11 hours) These are just a few of his fun times!
He was tired and needed to take a nap, but of course didn't want to, so Chris showed him how his pillow case could work as sleeping bag. He loved it and did it again on the way home to sleep!
I made these glasses out of Pipe Cleaners. He loved them until he pulled them apart! But has anyway seen UP?
Jennilyn wanted to try them out too! She was so good for the ride. It was hard for her to not get good naps, so by the end of each day she was really done and just wanted to lay down and not be held, but she did great!
It's amazing how much fun one can have with pillows!
The Beautiful Lake Tahoe!
Us up Eagle Falls with the lake in the background
Jayden LOVES the water and the sand. He had tons of fun. He would play in the sand and then rub his eyes! haha!
Chris, Jayden & I on the tube! We rode the tube from California to Nevada and then back! Thanks Uncle Steve!
Me, Uncle Steve, Chris, & Jayden on Steve's boat
Hanging out on the beach
We had to get some pictures with the bears! They are everywhere up there!
Chris & Jayden and the Bears!
Me & Jennilyn and the bears!
Thanks for showing us your part of the world Steve and Rita. It was so much fun!


Sabrina said...

Hey! That's where Cindy is right now! Looks like a fun place to go.

Anne said...

I am glad you had so much fun! I love the pillowcase/sleeping bag idea....SUPER cute! Ashton has those exact same pj's! Love the pictures and glad that the kids were good.

camillajean said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! LOVED the PIX!! And OMG the one of Jennilyn with the glasses .. AWESOME!!! HA! HA! HA! HA!!!!! :) LOL!! (I kid you NOT it REALLY is my background on my comp now :) .. lol!!!!) MAN!! Haha ... and YES the pillow case/sleeping bag was BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS!!! HAHA!!! Nice work!! :)

Cindy Clawson said...

Ya, we just got back yesterday from Lake Tahoe. We only spent one day there but my girls LOVED all the sand and water. Wish it was closer, we'd go back in a flash!

Jess said...

That's so cute that Jayden could you the pillow case as a sleeping bag! Good idea. Oh and I love the "glasses" especially on Jennily...hilarious :)