Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A late post! Aubrey is HOME!

I found this post and I never posted it. So here it is. Just 4 months late!!So, my sister Aubrey came home from her mission in the Philippines Manila mission on February 25. It's so good to have her back. She has the coolest accent. I always wanted an accent, but no such luck on my part. But I LOVE LOVE her accent. We all went up to the airport when she flew in and it took her seriously forever to come out. Some Elders came, but not the sisters. So finally they made it down. YAY! It was so good to see her.
I found these super cute shirts that say "I'm the big brother" So Jason and Jayden wore those and then Katie Jo and Jennilyn both have matching PJ's so they wore those. So we had our twinner kids. So cute. Thanks for humoring me Jess..

All of the Turnbow Sisters!!
All of the Turnbow girls
Me & Marie & her little boy, Edward (Aubrey & Jennifer's old roommate from Rexburg! She came into town for Aubrey's welcome home! It was so good to see her.)

Jayden just loved Edward.
My mom has this cupboard behind her couch that doesn't have anything in it. Jayden has found it and it is one of his favorite places!!
Jayden blowing kisses
Jayden had just got hurt and saw these cute little green hats on the mantle and wanted one to make him happy. It worked!!
It was such a fun day. It's fun to get lots of family and friends together!!
We're so glad to have Aubrey home!


Anne said...

Thanks for posting it anyway. It is good to remember things that have happened! I love the picture with Aubrey and those 4 little kids in their matching outfits!!! Cute Cute Cute!

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

I finally remembered to look at your blog!!! Such a super cute family picture!!! I wish life could slow down, I miss the days when you tended the girls and I could come home and find them asleep and my house clean!!! You are the best! You are such a good mom and a great friend, love you forever
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